Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Have you noticed that our days seem to be extra large puzzles, where we attempt to fit all of the pieces together in a way that has the least stress  and yet pull off something positive? For me this was one of those days that flew by again.

I was smart last night and put on a crockpot of beans for us to have today and take a lot of the worry of what to feed us off of my shoulders. I fixed cornbread to go with them and then I had the cornbread with buttermilk for lunch. Yummy,then supper was cornbread and beans . That really helped a lot.  I just remembered I have forgotten to put up a load of DH's laundry -drats- it is still on his bed-I will have to take care of that.

DH went out and mowed our yard and our neighbors yard and then her son came & gave DH some money. Money? Drats -that was what I did not have to go to my counseling tonight  But, I did make it to the sewing room & I needed that. This was a piece of cotton knit that I had already made one shirt out of it about 4 years ago . I loved it and only wore it going to town until I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it looked like someone had spilled bleach on it in several places. Since I am the only one who does laundry I should get the credit - only I do not usually use bleach in the laundry - occasionally on loads of whites.

  I happened to have exactly enough to make this one more shirt and Maybe a child's set again?
I have got so tired that I am afraid to work on hemming it tonight as I usually make a mess of a project when I push when pooped! LOL Hum? I can hear the rain -well, at least my flowers will appreciate that.

Besides I have some more work to complete and time is not waiting on me. So, I will bid you  farewell for tonight .
Love to all


  1. Hi Linda, That blue is gorgeous! Is that a cat on the embroidery? It is very nice! Does it match your eyes? My hubby has eyes that color and they really pop when he wears bright blue~ ♥♥♥ I love beans with onions!

  2. That Tshirt is a lovely colour and the little embroidered motif is cute. Is that the old bleached on or the new one? Great colour and I can't see any white spots!

  3. nice shirt, I think it was you that got me into an embroidery mode thanks