Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project that was the PITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am So sorry that I just fell off the face of the earth! I got totally buried and did not see it coming-so I could not prepare for it. I Hate those kind of days or weeks??

I started on this project on Tues, while DH had a young friend here to help him work on a car. I was so pleased to have a few hours to work on this Christmas project for my oldest son. When I loaded the design from the computer to the embroidery machine I happen to notice it said 61 MINUTES! I pondered that for a few minutes -thinking that seemed like a long time for a project that did not look like it had that many stitches to me???? BOY- WAS I WRONG!  Some days it just does not pay for me to try to put my brain in gear to work on anything .If I had ANY inkling of what was before me , I would have just dug a hole and crawled down into it instead!

First off the bobbin White thread was being Pulled to the front of the design. NOT a good sign for me! I had not had this problem since Oldest son had fixed the machine for me . I tried to remember what in the world did it take to fix that problem.?  Naturally my wee brain slammed the door shut on me . So I had to start from scratch trying different threads , different bobbin threads until I finally found a bobbin with the right thread that it appreciated . Heave a Big Sign of Relief! I thought I had it made now (two hours later of course)

While I had been working with the bobbins somehow I had lost the bobbin case cover and that took me another two hours of looking for me -but the highlight of that search was that I got to clean all of my work space off ! YEA! But, I still had not found that cover. I was getting desperate so I decided to check and see If  I could still sew anyway. I loaded everything back up on the embroidery machine and when it made its first stitch, as the arm moved - It spit out the little plastic cover -from under the arm of the machine! IF I had not got so desperate to move forward with my project_- I cannot imagine how I would ever have found it???

Thrilled once again - I put that little trouble maker back in the machine and held my breath and HOPED for the best! YES, no white bobbine thread showing - I was thrilled! Too thrilled maybe- because now it started Breaking the top threads!!!!!!!!!!! So , I tried new top threads but to my defeat.

I remember speaking with a dealer at our sewing guild. She was the one who came and gave us a Wonderful demonstration and I highly regarded  her knowledge. I had told her about the two dealers I had been to before that had not fixed my machine and it ended up being my older son who had fixed it. She did say that her husband had told her that the large general problem with machines is dirt. So, believe me -I Made Sure that ALL dirt was evicted.  Even I was shocked at how much lint I found .

Now that the inner workings of the machine looked like new money and I have wasted 4 more hours of my precious time , I throw everything back together and hold my breath as I turn the machine on. With each stitch I grow more and more hopeful - starting to let my breath go and then YEP- it breaks the thread. 

Believe me when I tell you - I wanted to cry so bad. So, I reverted to the old trick of just rethreading it about every 5 stitches. It makes you want to pull your hair out-but I had attempted every option I could think of .

By now I had twelve hours invested in this 61 minute project! (Plus it is not perfect - it has some puckers in it . I am going to get this one together and then pull out some scrap fabric and Test to see if  it ever works again? Maybe it is just the design! I will pull out a design that normally works and just see what happens?

By the time I went through all of this adventure it was now midnight and I was totally Bushed!I had to fix it somehow because I was afraid to turn the blasted thing off -affraid of losing my place and after all that time and effort I would not sacrifice my effort .

Then yesterday was ONE of those days when you have to go to town-from one thing to another and I declare it was midnight when we made it home. Another day -shot. But it had to be because today was the day that DH and his sister and her husband have gone to Eastern VA. -a 4 hour ride. DH is suppose to put down two different floors for his cousin and uncle and then there will be a family reunion! They will have fun playing catch-up with all of their kin.

I , on the other hand will have a BEAUTIFUL Perfect week to do what ever my little heart desires. It is a truly mind bloggleing experience. I am so Over whelmed at my options I don't know where to start- To sew my little heart out  - OR - to Clean all of those places that you cannot clean when DH is in his chair watching TV and does not want any noise ( vacumn cleaners for instance) to disturb  hearing his programs !

I do know I am suppose to lose electricity this after noon at 4:30pm - because they need to do some kind of work on the lines since that storm and some winds. So, I pondered my options and decided my number one priority was to check in with my blog family!  I Hate missing days with you guys because you are that important to me.

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  1. Hmmm I seem to remember drinking a bit of vinegar with water was good for something else too... but I can't remember what!

    YOu have so much patience with your embroidery machine! I am sure if it was mine I would have taken to it with a bloody sledge hammer by now.
    I nearly did that to my sewing machine I can tell you!

    Enjoy your quiet week... and try not to do too much!

  2. Don't you love days like that? We have had a terrible week. You will hear some of it soon. Of course it could be a lot worse for sure. We are blessed. I plan to blog about part of it on my next post. You have more patience than me!!!