Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hannah Lane Arrives

My family was suppose to have a baby shower , but instead of a shower - they got the whole package! LOL  I could not help but think to myself that Little Hannah wanted to make her own personal appearance. So instead of being at the shower Mother and Father were attending the birth at the hospital.We all just think we are in control of our lives and it is cute when a little seven pound angel  can move mountains. Mother and baby seem to be doing good. Brandy's Mom sure picked the perfect day to come from out of town for a visit.

Then today I spent most of the day making TWO PINTS of crabapple jelly! It just seemed to be one thing on top of another to complicate my process. Plus having DH still sick is worrying me something fierce. He ate a small breakfast at noon and then went right back to sleep and slept in his chair all day long. He woke up later and ate a cup of corn bread and buttermilk and then went to bed and is sleeping. It scares me to death and I did call his cancer doctor and spoke to the doctor's nurse and she changed his appointment up to this coming Tuesday instead of two weeks away.

I am still "hoping' it is a bug because after I ate I got the "trots" which made it hard for me to accomplish the evening chores. Poor ole stomach is miserable, or maybe that came from the worrying?????  Who knows - we are just taking it one day at a time .
Love to all.

                         Vinegar Tips:
Vinegar and Arthritis
After spending billions of dollars on medicines and over the counter drugs -the American Dietetic Association notes that both medical and nutrition authorities agree on one important fact about arthritis care: The only specific treatment for arthritis is "weight control///and a nutrient-dense diet"
This respected journal goes on to explain the conclusions nutritional scientists have drawn from studies of the eating habits of arthritis sufferers:Sometimes the patient's diet is found to be - grossl deficient in some nutrients.
Perhaps this helps to explain the long-standing belief by many that apple cider vinegar can play an important part in relieving the pain  and slowing the progression of arthritis . At the very least it is less likely to hurt the one taking it than some of the more outrageous chemicals which have been advertised as being able to ease the symptoms of arthritis. And in addition it is inexpensive.

The tim-honored vinegar recipe for dealing with arthritis is 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, mixed into a glass of water and taken morning and night..

Others believe the proper dose is to drink a glass of water, with 2 teaspoons vinegar in it before each meal (3 times a day)

Another tonic which has often been recommended for those who suffer from arthritis discomfort combines vinegar with celery, Epsom salts and citrus (for vitamin C) . Combine in a saucepan:
1/2 grapefruit     2 stalks celery
1 orange      4 cups water

Cut the celery and fruit (including the peelings) into chunks. Simmer in water - uncovered-for 1 hour. Press the softened foods through a jelly bag and stir in 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 tablespoon Epsom salts. Drink a full  glass of water morning and evening to which 1/4 cup of this tonic has been added.  With any of these vinegar regimens -expect it to take about a month for relief to begin. For more immediate results many doctors say a gentle rubdown may help. One old-time liniment combines vinegar and oil with egg whites.
2egg whites     1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup turpentine      1/4 cup olive oil
Mix all ingredients and use right away. Gently massage aching joints and then wipe it off.(most all medical authorities would recommend leaving the turpentine out of this remedy.)

I have seen arthritis do HORRIBLE things to people and I Hate it !
Love to all!


  1. Oh Linda Hannah Lane is just gorgeous.
    Congrautations to all.

  2. Gorgeous wee baby!
    I'm sure a 'post baby' shower is on the cards now.