Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes, It's Me - Still Wishing for More Minutes in My Day.

Because they just fly by much too quickly. I was up working late into the night and thus, I woke up later than normal. I think I "Just Died" I was so tired. Then I ran out and did outside chores this morning and came back and fixed us a "brunch"- half breakfast and half lunch because it was lunch-time by then - which we ate with Much enjoyment.

This was the finished product of the hot banana peppers -stuffed with hot dogs and the next little batch was where I substituted tomato juice instead of water to the vinegar mix. I have read it before and you know how that curiosity can be a real "Killer"! LOL So, of course I decided to try just these few to see what DH will think of them.

I actually made it to my counseling session today and it was such a blessing. I told her about this mysterious illness that has plagued DH this past week and how I did not know whether to call his family doctor -or- to call his cancer doctor and that we had just been taking it one day at a time because if it was a "bug" it would go away. She thought it would be wise to call the cancer doctor because he is such a special doctor -who really cares about his patients. A bad doctor you do not want to waste your time talking to and a Good doctor I hate to bother because there is just too FEW of them. So, I guess I will see how DH is in the morning and if he is still having trouble I can call Dr. McCoy?

I love my counselor-she is truly an angel for me.I have discovered that when you have a special friend that you can trust with all your heart that it relieves the burdens of heartaches tremendously. I go from that desperate feeling of being lost and scared - to sharing the problems and being given the gift of knowing that I am not alone.This human life is really challenging ! But, I am so blessed that my Heavenly Father has dropped her into my life and into my heart. : )

We came home this afternoon and I had the sink piled full of little apples that I had washed and left there to dry so I could peel them and stick them in the crockpot for some more apples that I freeze for making fried apple pies this winter. But I knew it would get dark on me -so I ran out to the garden and finished digging my row of sweet potatoes. That way I worked on the sweet potatoes until it got to the point where I had to let them wait to cool enough I could handle them -and during that time I peeled the apples and got them going in the crockpot-TRYING - to make the best use of my time.

They are calling for the weekend to be cooler in the 50's and I am trying to rake in every bit of food I can find.I am hoping tomorrow to work on the crabapples -that is one project that truly amazes me- taking those little tiny apples and plopping them in water and cooking them - only by then they look like little dirty brown balls and then using that juice and it turns the most beautiful shade of red jelly. Truly amazing to me. I hope to get you a picture to see for yourself.

Sewing is still very much in my heart. Every chance I get I peek at my John Deere lounge pants that I am working on. See what I mean about not enough minutes in a day AND that staying up all night long sure does wear you out. I'm not so good at that. I think I have done it for a whole three nights in my lifetime and even though I wish I could do it more often - this body of mine just complains everytime I do it!  I would blame it on age - but I think I just have to accept that the body does not appreciate being taken for granted and thinking that I am trying to over use it. Phoo!

Vinegar Tips:
Still talking about memory and vinegar. The worst of the mind robbing diseases associated with aging is Alzheimer's . Some studies show AD suffers are particularly short of calcium, thiamine and  niacin. And low serum B-12 levels have been reported in up to 30% of elderly patients with this kind of dementia. Almost every patient in a recent study of nutrient deficiencies showed complete recovery when given B-12 therapy. Folate supplements also proved valuable.

Thiamine deficiency is another nutritional cause of chronic memory problems. If the diet is sufficiently short of this nutrient, nerve cell loss and hemorrhages in the brain can result. The more we learn about good nutrition and the importance of getting an assortment of vitamins and minerals  each day - the easier it is to understand old-time reliance on apple cider vinegar. one grandmother suggest this way to a healthy old age: "Stir a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey into a glass of water and drink it with your meal. Do this 3 times a day to remain bright and alert all your life."
Treating malnutrition with megadoses of vitamins is being tested , with mixed results. Sometimes it is difficult to get the balanced dose a particular individual may need. There is always the possibility of doing harm by giving too many vitamins or of giving an over dose of minerals. Vitamin therapy can also be expensive. It is much better to prevent nutrient shortages by eating a balanced diet. For balancing the diet- it is hard to match the nutritional store house contained in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

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