Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Day of Hard Work and Delimas

This lovely picture shows that I finally got a buttonhole  worked that I can run a cord through the waist as a drawstring.Of course DH showed up and I had to hide it in a drawer.

He has really been sick for the past two days and I am trying not to panic and be scared. After cancer drops in for a visit it seems that most anything that goes wrong can worry you..I know something is wrong because of the pain in his back and the headache and he has slept most of the weekend away - and he is not one to go to bed and sleep if he is ok. But , I am trying to remain calm and if he is still under the weather tomorrow I will call and make him a doctor's appointment.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the little back porch or mudroom as some call them. It is only 4ft. x 8ft. but it is amazing how much I have out there. It took me all day to drag EVERYTHING out of there and clean. About half way through was when My energy gave out on me - but I was too much into a disaster to give up. I had to clean it to be able to put it all back and get through the kitchen. BUT - the other thing I discovered that I was being invaded by these new weird "stink-bugs". I say , new - because last year was the first time I had ever seen them. We have our own natural sting-bug- but these dudes are somewhat different and I really hate them. I don't usually kill bugs -but these were zooming in like they belonged here. I bet I killed a hundred of them. As I was moving my stuff back in I discovered that they were also hiding in boxes and plastic containers. It was WAR.

I also moved one shelf back in that had my flowers who had vacationed outdoors for the last 3 months. I really hate to drag them indoors and watch them languish through the fall and winter and spring. I soooo wish I could live where I would never have to bring them indoors at all. But , you know how Wishes are. : )

I realize that most people do their " Spring Cleaning" -but I have decided that I am doing "Fall Cleaning" - I always have to be backwards from the normal folks. : ) Gosh, I am so tired and my hands are so swollen I cannot close them entirely.  I think I am remembering one reason I have not been too fired up to clean. LOL

Now that I have had a shower and washed some of the crud off of me - I pulled out the chickens I have been working on and - they do not match! So I will have to rip one of them out and redo it as I have to have two of them to sew them together to make a thickness that would not allow us to get burnt. Pooh!  One thing that I like about crochet is that when you make a double thickness potholder - I have never got burnt using them . Add the fact that they are almost indestructible.I still have some I made 30 years ago and they are good to go. : )

On a more positive note -how about some more vinegar tips?
A correlation between eating lots of foods containing beta carotene and a lower risk of cancer has also ben documented. Researchers , in more than 70 different studies, agree beta carotene lowers the risk of getting cancer. They include those at State University of New York at Stony Brook, the University of Western Ontario in Canada , Tufts Universality and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. 

In addition to giving cancer protection , beta carotene boosts the body's immune system. It works by attacking the free radicals which destroy the immune system. 

Carotenoids are also the body's raw material for producing vitamin A, another potent antioxidant. They act together to protect from cancers associated with chemical toxins. When the body does not get enough vitamin A it is particularly susceptible to cancers of the respiratory system , bladder and colon. 

old timers have long recommended taking a teaspoon of vinegar ever day in a tall glass of vegetable juice. With all we now know about fiber and beta carotene this may turn out to be very good advice.

Love to all and enjoy this new beautiful week before us. : )

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  1. Nice buttonhole!
    Only one question: do them stink insects STINK when ya squish em?