Monday, September 19, 2011

Well, Shoot a Monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O NO! Definitely do not ever shoot a monkey! That just happens to be one of my Disheartened comments! I had bought this piece of knit fabric to make my oldest son a pair of lounge pants. I had made all of his with flannel and then thought Maybe a knit would make them comfortable for the summer as I see them in the stores?

I pulled them out yesterday and got all ready and then had to do some things for DH and I was lucky to remember to put it away or Miss Rosie would have deluded them with her white fur.This today I have pulled it out once again and ran into complications again. I had called DH's meds into the drug store and she called me back to say that we had already picked them up this month on the fifth????-and they cannot fill them again until next month (and by then they will be gone as they are closing up shop.

I was flabbergasted??? I checked the cabinets first and only his empty bottles. - then I checked the car -No. Then I came in and checked both his checkbook and my checkbook and nothing there . Then I checked the calendar and he was already gone with his sister to visit their kin for the week -they left on the 1st-so it just cannot be???  SO SHOOT!

Then I had misplaced a cd and I have turned the house upside down and cannot find it anywhere! SO SHOOT!

On top of that our refrigerator is not cooling. We tore it out last night to clean behind it and it took Both of us pulling as hard as we could to barely get it moved out. I was shocked to see so much Dirt! It was so horrible-but I cleaned for a good hour just on that - and then it took ALL of Our MIGHT to move it back into its corner space. Our backs are hurting on both of us- it sure is challenging as you age.  Maybe it does not help that refrigerators are even bigger.

But DH says it still is not right -so I got a thermometer  and put inside of it to see what is going on.   So I am pooped and covered in dirt and still cannot find the cd - or know what to do about DH"s meds???

I hope you guys are doing much better than I am today???? : )

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're having such an off day but I'm confident the rest of your day will turnaround. Me? I'm home sick today from an all night migraine.

    We had a side-by-side refrigerator and on occasion, it will not cool on the refrigerator side. we discovered the cooling coils in the freezer freeze up so the cool air isn't circulating into the refrigerator. So, every couple of months we take the freezer panels off and inspect the coils to see if we need defrost them. Such a pain! One of these days I'll be rich and can purchase a new one. I really want the ones with the freezer on the bottom.