Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Detour ?


This is Snowball and he is doing his best to console  me and also keep my mind busy.        He helped me carry in the laundry today and any piece that he could see peeking out -he would grab it and carry it all by himself - so very proud of his accomplishments.  He is a stinker for sure.I  did get to start this morning with my next project. I have cut out a larger size tee shirt to replace that XL that I was so worried about. It turned out I got to talk to my youngest granddaughter and she knew that he wore a XXXL- so my XL that was really a size large in this pattern definitely would not work.I cut out the XXXL  and then took it to the embroidery machine - that horrible beast that loves to torment me and destroy projects . I told it that I was not letting it upset me today. So, it stated out letting me get about 6 rows of stitches and then it broke the thread- so I politely stopped and took off that red and put on a different red  and it sewed and it sewed and it sewed and it actually finished the design . I was Amazed.Then I went to dreaming about sewing this booger up and putting my mind to rest - and then - DH came through the door and wanted me to ride to town with him to get a part for the lawn mower. I almost begged off, but decided IT might not take LONG! YEA Right- we left about about 1 and it was 9pm when we got back in. : ( Another day gone) I took the flashlight and went out and locked the chickens up. Don't want some Sneaky raccoon sneaking in and having himself a chicken dinner.

O, I forgot to mention that the reason it took so long was the bank called and wanted me to pick up a check that I had been given that they rejected. I asked them what was the problem and they said it was either altered - or - fictitious??? I had never heard of that before so we went by the first police station and they sent us to the next police station and we sat there for an hour waiting for a policeman to come take the report . The poor policeman finally called and explained that he was the only deputy taking calls in the county tonight and he was just covered up. He was at a DUI -waiting for the towtruck and then he had to take the prisoner to drop off at he jail and then he had a stolen car to go to and he apologized profusely . I felt sorry for him -but I thought he could not say his job was Boring. : ) We agreed to try again Thursday and he wants us to go to the bank and have them run a check on my account and fix up a statement saying if my account is ok and be sure to bring that with the check when they take the report and it would help speed things along  - just in case it is some kind of scam or an attempt at identity  thief. I hope to do that tomorrow and we are meeting up with DH's sister and her husband at the hospital for his checkup. They always make him sit an hour after they give him some kind of shot -to make sure that there is no reaction.

It never ceases to amaze me how complicated our lives have got to be?
DH did buy a bag of raw peanuts today to share with the "feathered friend " that we are baby-sitting -OR- it started out as baby-sitting while they all went on vacation-but now DH has been having so much fun playing with Casper that he asked them to extend his vacation at our house for a while-to which they agreed to. ( I wonder who this is that has taken over my husband's body???????)

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