Friday, September 23, 2011

A very productive day-considering??? LOL

Even our feathered friends like a scratch every now and then. This is Casper (DH's brother-in-law and his sister's bird that we are still playing with. -and -getting educated with! ) (Be warned - they sure do poop a LOT)   LOL 
I had been complaining to my Father in heaven that I needed more "Time" to do my creative endeavors  - and  HE found a way to provide me with that- so be careful what you  whine for!
I was awakened this morning while it was still dark outside. I rolled over to check out the clock , but I had turned it with its back towards me because it needed to be set AGAIN after our electricity went off -and I just did not have the strength to accomplish that last night.
Not finding an answer I rolled back over and caught a few more minutes of sleep - only to be awakened once again with that thought in my mind- He plainly reminded me of wanting more time to work -so I struggled up out of bed and ran into the wall in my sleep induced dream. : )
I had to laugh as I washed the sand man out of my eyes and pulled on clothes at 4AM. I asked for it and I got it! So I pulled out the pair of lounge pants that I had already cut out and bagged up for DH . I got them out and laid them on the cutting table pinning which part went with which part and LOW and BEHOLD - the door popped open and there was DH himself! He could not believe I was up at that time of the morning and I think the sand man was in his eyes so bad that he did not recognize the John Deere fabric! Can you believe that - 4 am in the morning and I still get caught red-handed! 
I worked carefully in my weak condition -being double careful not to make boo-boos! I did manage to get both of the legs sewn -then the crotch to sew them together. I hemmed the legs and did that good-then I moved to the top and I serged it to have it nice and neat. Everything was looking good -UNTIL- I decided to try to insert a button hole for the hole for the cord -and of course I ran into trouble. This machine has never enjoyed making button holes and it makes it known in not uncertain way. I finally gave up -put it away -and went out side and did the chores as daylight was creeping in. It is so beautiful this time of the morning and the temperature was just perfect Came back in and ate a bowel of cereal with DH.. We had to go to town  and I think we both felt so bad.

DH has been in and out of bed all day long and I know how he feels. For a quiet moment this afternoon I put the dogs and cats up and brought Casper out of his cage and he flew to Doug's chair , where he combed his hair and had a good ole time. So, DH went off to bed again and Casper fell in love.

 If you look behind him on that blue pillow he has spotted our little dog , Blondie who he claims as his new flame! He had a little chihuahua at his house named Buttons and she just recently passed away and he had been grieving . But now he has spotted Blondie and it has seemed to put the "red back in his head"! LOL  Blondie just keeps telling me that she will pass-as she is keeping her eye on him. While they were eyeballing each other I was keeping busy close at hand. I still could not pull off the lounge pants for Dh - so I was working on a crochet project to throw him off scent.: )

So, I created Chicken # 2. I love these gals - they just make me smile to see them. It always amazes me how you take some yarn and turn it into something amazing.

Well, I am sending you love and I hope we ALL can get some good sleep-somehow. I definitely will not be asking for more "time" tonight! LOL


  1. Oh that little doggie looks so sad. But that chicken you crocheted is darling! Love it!

  2. Yes Blondie does look unhappy. Maybe she is worried about the bird.
    Hope DH is feeling better.