Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It sure is not hard for me to get myself in trouble.

After a hectic morning of chores and the trip to the feed store I came in and changed clothes to head to the garden. DH is still sick today and as soon as he got home he went to bed and I went to the garden and plucked up all 8 of his hot banana peppers. I had picked up the hot dogs to stuff them with and I was anxious to get them finished. This was a treat that his Mama always made for  him and I have carried on the tradition as he enjoys them so much. Usually the heat from the pepper will go into the hot dog leaving the pepper very mild. He usually eats them on peanut butter sandwiches all during the winter when he wants a snack.

So with peppers in hand I went to the basement and started carrying up the jars to can them in. As I washed them up I had the memory of being little and Mama always asked me to wash her canning jars because my hands were so little and it was easy for me to get my hands in there and scrub. We did not even have running water and the water I used was just cold water-but it always did the trick. I enjoyed that memory .

I fixed up the vinegar solution I would pour over the stuffed peppers and put my canning lids in the water to boil and then simmer.I pulled out a pack of plastic gloves and went ahead and cut the ends off and split the sides so the hot dog would fit in. I ended up with a giant tupperware bowel plum full and running over. I had the jars in the oven to sterilize them. Next I would get a jar and lay it on its side to gently stack the peppers in and then covered the peppers with the boiling vinegar solution. I was making good progress when I started to get the feeling that I was in trouble. One time years ago when I had made them the first time -I had not known to wear gloves when working with hot peppers and I ended up with burned hands and terrible pain.

Well it ended up I was in trouble - I had burnt them again with the peppers. I don't know what happened - something to do with the gloves. They must have been too thin and the peppers juices some how got through to my  hands. Talk about pain - I Hate this. I put them in cold water  , I even tried soaking them in milk-but it seems nothing eases it. I will just have to suffer. I have put aloe juice on them and am still hurting. Sure takes the enjoyment out of my hard work. But I am still tickled to have something to help feed us this winter.

I also had the crockpot full of apples that I had cooked over night-so I put them in a freezer bag and into the freezer with dreams of fried apple pies yet to come.

Well , my hands are on fire - so I will make this short and sweet. Love to all!

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