Friday, September 9, 2011

Wait For IT!

I know I fell off the face of the earth once again-but I Really was busy. Yesterday was the Sewing Guild meeting and by the time I got all the chores , both inside and out completed -the day had just flown off and left me.
                                         Wait For It!
The Sewing Guild meeting was lots of fun. By the time they had announcements of all the off-shoot groups and  what they were doing they had some guest speakers. They had brought dolls with them and they passed them around and when you had them in your arms they felt and looked like the "Real-Deal" - minus the diaper changes and the 2AM feedings that we all lived though - or will live through. LOL

The first speaker was the one who had started the Foundation . She was so beautiful and spoke about how she wanted to make a difference for people and that her training in school was the ability to raise money and she was very good at it.

Her Mom was the one that started making the dolls to help raise money for projects for the "working poor". They spoke about when the people come in how depressed they are and they have them write out a "What you would like to achieve". Then a young lady in her early twenties spoke about how she had followed the program , she had dreamed of buying a home of her own and then a business of her own. Now she has started both. She said that the foundation was more like a Family than just a group . She said that she made 15 of these dolls a day and how much she loved it. They charge 55.00 a doll and you can buy them already made or you can attend a workshop and make your own , thus picking out your colors in clothing and she mentioned how it seemed that you  bonded with the baby.

The main lady talked about how she had brought in other groups and were intermingling , thus drawing in  a wider variety of people -like you would go in to purchase home made bread and you would stay for the dolls , ect. The had just purchased a big -big empty building and were in the process of bringing it to life with All of these different interests. She said one young man who came to help was legally blind and he would paint the walls -then he would go get her to see if he had missed spots and how just that was changing his life because he was out and socializing and feeling needed.
                                                                Wait for It! 
By the time I got home and fell in bed and then opened my eyes it was time to roll out of bed and Lynne and I went to some more Shop Hops. There were six shops kinda close together and then a choice of two out of town. One of the two out of town were up our direction in a big old schoolhouse that I really love, and we hit that one first.

They have one X-class room downstairs and it is my Knit room . As I went through the door I hardly recognize the room . The entire center section was changed out with new tables in the center and everything arranged so nice. I got lost in there -poor Lynne was already finished and waiting on a bench for me. LOL I asked Jerry , the owner why he changed the room . He laughed and said that one morning he came in and was at the cash register and he heard the loudest noise and it seemed the entire building shivered. He went to look and the Monster big table had collapsed. I asked him if it was from the earthquake and he said no - from age. LOL

Lynne got to take a picture of the roses at the front door and then we were off to the next 6 shops , all of which had lovely refreshments  to fuel us through the day. It was a lovely sunny day , it had started off cool but was very warm by the end of the evening. Our last shop we turned in our cards that we had to have stamped and they will be put in for a drawing for 6 nice "treat" baskets. At that shop I was captured by a gentleman who had made all these beautiful place-mats, mug rugs and all kinds of lovely rugs by looker hooking. He even showed me how you used a hook that looked like a crochet -hook with a hole in the opposite end . You would pull the strips of fabric through the canvas and then pull the string through all of them. They were all drop dead beautiful . I adored them. All of these beautiful pieces of "eye-candy" were so inspiring.
                                    Well, here it is! LOL
Val, from Life's Little Garden had perked my interest in her crocheting that she has been learning and having so much fun and making such cute things. I like it when you can create things that you could use.  So, I happened to run across a pattern that I thought was cute and just went for it. It has been many years since I picked up my crochet hooks , due to bursitis-but I finished my project and am so tickled with it . It is just one of those things that makes me smile  and since  I was so disappointed in that last shirt not being the size I thought it should -this was a nice distraction.

Vinegar Tips:
The exact composition of a particular vinegar depends on what it was made from.Even apple cider vinegar varies with the kind and condition of the apples. Partly because of this , medical scientists do not always know exactly how or why it promotes healing. They do know it is both antiseptic and antibiotic.

An early Assyrian medical text described the treatment for ear pain as being the application of vinegar.

Vinegar was used as a healing dressing  on wounds and infectious sores in Biblical times.

Thieves Vinegar got its name during the time of the Great Plague of Europe. Some enterprising thieves are said to have used vinegar to protect them from contamination while they robbed the homes of the plague victims.


  1. It sounds like you had a great time at your guild. I love that yellow chook. Are you going to make some? If I knew how to crochet I'd ask for the pattern but it's too late to learn now I think...or maybe not!

  2. What a lovely time you had Linda.
    Cute Chook. I know Sue has been wanting to learn to crochet.

  3. What a cute chook! I hope all is well with you, I've not been around to visit much lately... sorry!
    Just so busy... life eh?