Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wasted Day On A Search for Garden Man

Yep, wasted an entire day -other than all the necessary things we all have to do. I was so close and the one shirt I had cut Out , I wanted some kind of design that has to do with a man and his garden. Cocoa was so patient -really more patient than I have been.

I Hate to "be on the hunt " for the perfect design. I ramble all over the virtual world just searching and searching and it usually leads you to the very opposite of what you are searching for, at least for me it does.:( I did get the second side of my crochet project done, but now I have to add details, so maybe it is not a complete loss.

I am still not happy with that shirt I completed yesterday. A little voice in my head keeps telling me it will be too tight. Darn it !  Plus while I was searching for a design in my personal collection I learned something very interesting?

Do you happen to remember when I finished this shirt lately for my brother-in-law. Well, I went to store it in my almost empty tote that I keep all of the Christmas projects in and you will never guess ????

LOL - I had forgot all about the blue one that I had made him back in March!Needless to say I am not real happy with my track record so far. Two shirts of the same design for one and a shirt that I suspect is too small for another? GRRRRRR!

I forgot to show you who I am baby-sitting with. His name is Casper  and he is a riot. He talks some and he makes sounds that make me think someone is in the house(errrr- well someone really is) LOL  He likes to be the center of attention and he starts screaming when someone comes in or catches me on the phone. When DH called last night I told him that Casper had to be the "poopingest " bird I had ever cleaned up after. Instead of papers to change - I need a small toilet ! LOL

He is 28 years old and was born in the same year that my youngest son was. I had not known that , until now-so at least I can keep up with his age. About a month ago the family lost their little dog that was his companion and I thought he had been grieving .So when they brought him to visit last week he did not know what to think. Then all of a sudden my crew of doggies came running to see what he was -He took one look at the dogs and his eyes lite up and he started bouncing up and down and started hollering , " What'ssssssssssssssssss You Doing????????????????????????? He was one happy bird. I told them that they needed to go to the dog pound and get a small dog for Casper. LOL

Vinegar Tips: Vinegar Fights Disease
Apple cider vinegar enthusiasts can recite a long list of aliments it is reported to be able to cure or prevent. It is claimed vinegar can banish arthritis, forestall osteoporosis , prevent cancer , kill infection , condition the skin, aid digestion, control weight, preserve memory, and protect the mind from aging.

Can apple cider vinegar possibly do all that is claimed for it? One answer may be: Yes, because it is such a marvelous combination of tart good taste and germ killing acids. Vinegar is fermented from sweet apple cider and takes its honey-gold color from tannins which flow from ruptured cell walls of fresh , ripe apples. When these naturally occurring colorless preservatives come into contact with air they develop the rich , golden color we associate with cider. This is called enzymatic browning . It contributes to the distinctive flavor of cider-a flavor with more spunk than simple apple juice.

Vinegar is made when fresh, naturally sweet cider is fermented into an alcoholic beverage (hard cider). Then it is fermented once again. The result is vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar contains more than thirty important nutrients, a dozen minerals, over half a dozen vitamins and essential acids and several enzymes. Plus, it has a large dose of pectin for a health heart.

When apple cider vinegar is exposed to heat and air, it give off some hints of its character. Take a healthy sniff and what you inhale is the volatile part of vinegar-the portion which will evaporate easily.

Love to all.

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