Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life bowels me over again?

This week has been a big ole Pain! On Tues. our refrigerator went out.DH tried his hand at it , but he had never worked on a fridge before. Finally he gave up and said to call a repair man. which I did- if just to make him quite  his "husband-fits". It was late by then and I knew it would not get fixed that day. I spoke to a very nice gentleman who said he would check on parts for our fridge and would call me in the morning to tell me what time he could come.

O - that sounded good to me. But, our house was a total wreck and it was so dirty. We had pulled the machine out away from the corner it was in and I was shocked at the dirt and doggie hairs that was crammed back in there and up under it. So, I pulled out the vacuum and started cleaning it. It had been four years since it had been cleaned back there because I cannot move it by myself.

By then I wanted to clean-it was about 4pm and the more I cleaned the more there was to clean-and I came to the point where I wanted it to be clean for this repair man. I started on the wall behind the  fridge  and worked my way up to all the top cabinets and then down to the floor. Everything was a disaster and by 1am DH gave up on me and went to bed.

I kept telling myself how nice it was to work and not be interrupted during the night hours ,but I would not even let myself stop or even allow myself to look at the clock because I knew that would allow me to be even more tired than I was .

I did stop and sit long enough to have a drink and rest my back for about 15 minutes. By then I had the memory of one other time and how my back is always the first thing to give me trouble -but I persevered on. I was making such wonderful progress. It was the up and down on the ladder that was killing me . This was the first time I had been on the step ladder since I had broken my ankle and my leg. I was terrified of  falling and breaking something else - which I NEVER want to do again.That pain was just unbearable.

I realized that the morning was creeping up on me as light steamed in through the window-so I took off outdoors and tackled the outdoor chores because it was calling for rain. By the time I got back in DH was up . He looked almost as bad as I did because the vacuum  cleaner had  kept him up a lot. LOL  I had to chuckle at him because it is so hard to clean house with him in the house -during the day - he and the tv are married together and then in the evening and night - well, let's just say they have a Long Lasting Relationship!

We got a bit of something to eat that was simple because the stove was covered up with things from the freeze and refrigerator . By then it was lunch time and the repair man had not called - so I called him.
I got his young man in the office who told me that we were on the list for Thursday afternoon. By then I was a little upset at them for not calling to tell me.I tried to make a path where we could get through the house with stuff stuck everywhere because the refrigerator was so big that now it was pulled out it took up half of the kitchen  and then I went out and did afternoon chores. I was so tired when I got back in I collapsed in the chair for a breather-and that was a Mistake. I woke up an hour later and DH had already gone to bed and it was dark outdoors. I was so bone tired I could barely drag my weary bones up and then realized that I still had to lock the chickens up because not all of them had been up while I was out.

If you could have seen me stumbling and almost crawling out doors -you would have thought for sure I was drunk. It seemed like a never ending stroll, but I finally made it and went right straight and collapsed in the bed.

Thank goodness for sleep! I do wish I could stay up for two days all the time because I got so much accomplished and it was so peaceful! But - BOY- is it hard on a BODY! : )

Then this morning I went outdoors and did morning chores and then fixed something to eat - o-yea- it was two bowels of cereal. By then it was after lunch time and he finally called to say he was coming -to make sure we were home! He did show up and was very fast .He took the inside of the freezer off and looked and the coils were already frozen up once again since DH had defrosted them on Tues.One look and he said that our heaters had gone out . They are in there to defrost the coils ( I would have never dreamed a fridge had a heater? LOL

Of course to my dismay he said he had mixed up the papers of the model number of ours with someone elses and that he did not have that heater with him-that he did have one at his shop. So we followed him to his shop  and paid him and got our parts because he had showed us how to put it in. The bill was 76.00 for his visit and 77.30 for the part.

So we returned home and installed it and I worked at putting the room back together . I have not completed it yet. There is still dishes in the sink and I am just to tired to look at them right now. When I woke up this morning my hands were so swollen I could barely move them .( I think they are mad at me for trying to kill them!  I do have the dishwasher running with some lime-away in it. I would never have thought to use that in it where it was throwing crud back on your dishes - but we asked him and that was what he said to do.

Dishwasher are disgusting creations- This is the second one we have ever had. The first one was a big disappointment and when We tried to take it back to the dealer - we discovered that the business was closed up and he had run off with his secretary!

Then this is the second one and it worked great for about 6 months and then it started throwing more food back on the plates than was on them to start with. We even tore it apart one day and cleaned everything because it was so stopped up. But, I knew I could never do that again all by myself . So, of course when it started doing that again 6 months later - I just started using it as storage.

But we did manage to ask this fellow and he told us to run LimeAway or CLR  in it.I guess when it is unusable to start then there is nothing to lose ? I will wait and see how it comes out?????

But, somehow I did manage to at least get that set of lounge pants cut out . I am so curious to see how they turn out??

I certainly hope that you guys have had a Better two days than I have! LOL

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  1. Wow. You wore me out! Bless your heart! Hope tomorrow is a better day!