Monday, August 29, 2011

Eddie's shirt finished.

This is my sweet Mocha who loves me and keeps all of my secrets and is one of my treasures. She is not to pleased with me for pulling the covers off of her to snap her picture. She is my little angel.

What is it about trying to get a picture of these finished projects from this camo knit. I point a camera at it and it almost disappears!After it gave me such a "fit" I think it should behave itself. It is so "testy" to sew . I got up this morning and since it was a little too cool I decided to tackle part of the sewing on it while I was nice and fresh and rested. It did not appreciate that one little bit.  I worked for an hour - just fighting with the collar band. From then on it was a battle. I am upset with it now because I do not like the cuff at all. They seem too small to me for a man's hand to pass through????? Plus, they just do not look good at all.

Now, look at this ! Same fabric , same time , same camera - yet it shows up nice. I must not be holding my nose  right????  Well, one down and several more to go.

Vinegar Tips:
Age Spots  (some call them liver spots).can be gotten rid of if you wipe them daily with onion juice and vinegar. 1 teaspoon onion juice and d2 teaspoons vinegar should be mixed together and applied with a soft cloth. Or, 1/2 a fresh onion can be dipped into a small dish of vinegar and then rubbed across the offending skin. In a few weeks the spot will begin to fade.

Itchy welts and hives , swellings, and blemishes can be eased by the application of a paste made from vinegar and cornstarch. Just pat it on and feel the itch being drawn out as the paste dries.


  1. Awww your wee Mocha is so cute!
    That shirt is great too.

  2. Is Mocha a chi....wawa!? (spelling) Love that shirt!