Sunday, September 18, 2011

Casper Visiting

This is Casper , my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's bird. He is still visiting because DH is enjoying him so much and we are learning so much about larger birds. One thing I would caution ANYBODY who thinks they might love one ( and you surely can love them) but you need to be prepared for when they get so loud it makes your ears hurt. Anytime there is something going on and the dogs are barking or a new person comes in -the dogs bark and Casper Shrieks at the top of his little bird lungs. : ) Like I said - Very Educational!

Daughter-in-law #1 came up to bring me some chickens to keep through the winter time for her and of course they had to come visit with Casper. She did show me how to offer him a wood spoon and he would step up on it and come on out to sit on your shoulder or play with her hair. While there was so many of us we did gang up on him and between Four of us -one holding one light, two bosses double checking to make sure we did not hit a cuticle  and then the major surgeon who did the cutting . We all managed to have him come out with a new pair of  feet and no blood. Yea!

To further his "spa-treatment" Tracy offered him a nice warm bath.

She had laid down a soft towel on the edge of the sink so he could climb up when ever he wanted to be finished.

All and all it has been a very educational experience and it is so nice to have brother and sister-in-laws who are kind of enough to share their precious bird with us. To me that is a big honor and some of the things we are learning -it really helps to have "the real deal " to learn them with. He is constantly asking us "whacha-doing" and he calls the dogs " here boy-here boy" . Of course he is still a "souper-pooper" as Tracy found out last night -all down the back of her hoodie.

He was so funny after all of his excitement that when he went back in his cage -he stuck that head up under his wing and went sound to sleep. LOL  Now that was a first for him because I have always covered him and told him good-night up to this point. LOL I think he was kinda "done" with us humans at that point. LOL Maybe he is kinda like us humans when it comes to "too much of a good thing" - wears us all out to!

I know this is not sewing , but when you kids stop by - you just have to take the moment to enjoy with them because we are not guaranteed the next time.  My youngest grand-daughter took home a pair of doves to test her skill on. We both agreed that we like the doves because they cannot "bite your finger off" and their sounds are nice and soft. LOL
                                                 Vinegar, Beta Carotene and Cancer
Aging , heart disease, cancer and cataracts are symptoms of the harm done to the human body by free radicals, the loose cannons of the cell world. They damage chromosomes and are probably responsible for many of the physical changes associated with aging.

Free radicals roam through plants, animals, and humans , bouncing from cell to cell, damaging each in turn. antioxidants absorb free radicals making them harmless. Beta carotene , a carotenoid found in vinegar , is a powerful antioxidant.

Carotenoid occurs natural in plants such as apples. Vinegar's beta carotene is in a natural easy to digest form. One example of how this antioxidant contributes to maintaining good health is the way it protects the eye's lens. "This happens when free radicals alter its structure. Studies show that eating lots of antioxidant containing foods decreases the risk of forming cataracts. I sure hope that is right because my eye doctor informed me that he thought he saw signs of them in me and I SOOOOO do not what that to happen.

Well, love to one and all and a whole new week of adventures !

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  1. Oh Casper is beautiful!!! I have never been around birds except my birds outside!!! I bet that is so much fun!!!