Monday, September 26, 2011

Miss Rosie is snoozing on the job!

I have been working up a storm and happened to look up to the window and catch Miss Rosie napping! She looks like she is about to fall off of her little perch, but I know that sun coming through the window feels good on her back.

I had my Celtic music playing in the back ground when all of a sudden the dogs went off like the biggest alarm you have ever heard. I thought it was DH and his brother coming in so I did not pay any attention-it turned out to be my oldest son and he stopped to dig up a plant that had gone wild on us.

It has taken up half of our small garden . It is such a blessing to have sons as talented as mine are. I had grabbed the camera and meant to take a video of the digging -but it turned out I hit the wrong button in my excitement and all I captured was this one picture.Shoot!

He was gone in the twinkle of an eye and I came back in and managed to finish that Stubborn chicken. She certainly has been a big pain in my rumble-seat! Since she has given me so much grief - it seems like I have trouble making two sides identical with this chicken I am considering crocheting with Two threads and see if she would turn out nice and thick -so I would not get burned ????  Working with two threads might be a little hard with my arthritis -But - it might make it easier on  my BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!! : )

They are calling for a cold weekend coming up and when I was watching DS dig that plant up I noticed that the hot banana peppers that belong to DH have certainly grown quiet a bit and I must pick up some  hot dogs tomorrow so I can stuff them for him. He loves them that way . Then he will put them on peanut butter sandwiches. LOL To each his own. : )

                                               Vinegar Tips:
Vinegar and Memory
Memory loss is one of the most common and costly diseases of the elderly. Not only money - but disrupted lives. Quality of life is ruined for those with memory loss and often for their loved ones as well.

The three most common causes of memory loss are : Alzheimer's , multiple strokes, and alcohol abuse. Many other elders endure mental impairment caused by poor nutrition and reactions to prescription drugs.

Too often m memory loss in individuals who are over 55 is treated as if it were irreversible. Yet, information continues to pile up which proves memory loss can be successfully treated. More and more doctors are echoing the words of one specialist:
several of the causes are treatable, resulting in an arrest or actual reversal of the symptoms.
Diet is an important factor in control of risk factors for memory loss and to reverse damage which has already been done. Good nutrition can decrease the likelihood of stroke by lowering cholesterol. It can also protect the mind from some of the worse causes of loss.
Some forms of dementia-those due to excessive alcohol intake or vitamin deficiency- may be entirely preventable and partially reversible through diet.

Some studies indicate nutritional deficiencies are a problem for 36%of the over 80 year old population. Nearly half of all nursing home patients have been shown to have some fitamin or  mineral deficiency. These lower than normal levels of vitamins and  minerals are important because they contribute to loss of mental ability. For example, memory loss is more frequent in patients who have lower than normal blood levels of vitamin B-12 and folate.

Apple cider vinegar supplies a balanced dose of vital amino acids , vitamins, and minerals that both the mind and body need for good health.

Until Tomorrow ! : )


  1. Stuffed Hot Peppers and Peanut Butter . OKAY !!!!

  2. Love that chicken!!! And the kitty!