Monday, September 5, 2011

Nice To Have Someone Keeping An Eye On Me

For sure because even Blondie seems to know that I need help keeping me straight. But, you know I could not start  one of my projects without" a fly in the buttermilk."

I thought most of my grief was over with when the design I was working with sewed out with only a couple of broken threads. I was starting to relax and enjoy myself with the creative process. I finished the design and laid the front shirt piece on the table and picked up the back piece  and laid it on top -going to Pin the shoulders and sew them together.But,Something sure looked funny with that neck line. I stood and studied it for a minute and then realized the reason it was Oval shaped was _ " I had forgot to cut the neckline out"! LOL  At least that is no Big thing , so I grabbed the scissors  and the pattern and remedied that real quick.

O My Goodness - this material just does not like having its picture taken! OK, it says "When Dragons Fly" and it is for a grandson. I bought the fabric because it looked like something good for all the guys, but it has me wondering now. It is very thin and I put the short sleeves on it and both DH and youngest son said it was too hot for the summer and now I am putting long sleeves on them and IF I find out that it is too cool for Fall and Winter I might want to shoot it.  It seems every year is new lessons on the knit family of fabrics and it seems not all of the lessons are good ones. One thing good is that I started sewing to exercise my brain and I can promise you - that is Definitely being done! : )

Would you believe that I have 3, yes - 3 - lights on this piece and you still cannot see it from the picture??? But, I do promise you that it has that black dragon on it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I look outdoors from my computer I can see we have a steady rain moving in from the remnants of Hurricane Lee. We are suppose to get rain for 3 days and since everything is bone dry here it might help, if it just stays steady and does not go wild on us. I always worry about a big walnut tree that hangs over our house???

I saw on the news this morning that they were having wildfires in Texas and it really looked horrible. They even said a young mother and her baby were killed in it so far and that they were trying to get the word out. Such a horrible tragedy.

Vinegar Tips:
If a headache will not go away, try a paper bag hat. Soak the bottom of the open edges of a brown paper bag in apple cider vinegar. Put the bag on the head (like a chef's hat) and tie it in place with a long scarf. The headache should be relieved in 45 minutes.

Those plagued with nighttime leg cramps can find relief by supplementing meals with a glass of water, fortified with apple cider vinegar.

Prevent leg cramps by combining 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon calcium lactate in 1/2 glass of water. This is taken once a day. 


  1. Hi Linda! Nice job on the shirt and your stitch-out of the dragon is great. And yes, I can see it in the picture. Hope all is well with you. I've been working a lot of long hours and haven't had the time to keep up with everyone or to update my blog. Guess I need to make some changes...

  2. After all your work the T Shirt does look good and I can see the dragon pattern on it.