Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wonderful Day

Today was so beautiful  because one of my oldest buddies came for a visit. We have not had a day to play "catch-up" it seems like forever. We did a little "walk-about " to catch her up on all of the animals. They we went in and just yacked and yacked.

I asked her if she would mind to take me to the bank  .  After we did that we hit a Goodwill and we laughed and looked at everything in the store. I actully found some toys for Mocha. There is only one type of toy she loves to play with and that is something small that makes noise. She has an elephant that I got her several years ago and would you believe I found her another one , plus three more toys. I also found Two doggie sweaters that are brand new -still in their pack. I have been meaning to make her some kind of coat  for 4 years now and have not succeeded.

While we were in the Goodwill a Wild thundarstorm came and we got drenched and that rain was down right COLD! So, we took off for home and then I took an umbrella outdoors to do evening chores with -just to get them  out of the way.

I came in and fixed me an pepper and cream cheese sandwich and Debbie had given me a bag of barbq chips.So I had them with my sandwich. DH does not like that flavor - so the only time I ever have any is when we two get together. Of course from what I have seen they are not good for you anyway-it's just I love the crunch

Then I made it to the sewing room and tackled a tee shirt for DH , but it is that V neck and of course I had to mess that neckband up . I will have to rip it all out , but I am too tired to tonight. I had thought with DH gone with his sister that I would accomplish more and get in bed sooner to get more rest  and straighten out my days and nights I messed up from staying up too late -HUM- but I still am not pulling that off either.

It is calling for rain this week -coming from a tropical storm called Lee and we are suppose to get some Really heavy rain from it . I don't enjoy "puddling "around in mud and water - I am hoping to catch a few calm moments to do the work outside. But, time will tell - for sure.

If you are curious about the wild dragon picture??? Well I did  hoop the fabric that I am using to do these Christmas presents  as a test run -after my disaster the other day. Would you believe that the design sewed out perfectly??? So, now I know it must have been some kind of defect in the design. Talk about learn everything the hard way - that is me for sure!

O shoot - I still have to pay those dumb bills ???? Well, I better go fall in bed !
Happy Trails to you~~


  1. Oh so glad that you had such a good time! Pepper and cream cheese? Just black pepper? And please send some of that rain our way. We sure do need it.

  2. I'm glad you had such a good with friends makes any day better and bargains to boot!