Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wish I Had Their Energy

They say when children are playing they are not only learning, but getting their exercise also-so these two certainly should be in good shape. They are sweethearts and have spent their life time playing all the time. they are so funny especially when they play tag and they play just like kids do! They run so much that I feel like it is me getting the exercise.  Snowball(in the back)  is funny because when we  are walking if I make the mistake of drawing something like a sweater or scarf too close to the ground - he will jump up and claim it as his as he "hot-rods" off with me chasing. Honeybear(in front) is funny because she loves to scratch her belly by dragging her back legs and feet Down the hill coming to our house . My furbabies seem to be my sanity and I love them dearly.

I am just too pooped to pop! I got up and did the morning chores. DH was home so he ate scrambled eggs and I ate that same grain I did yesterday with my blueberries and toast. That fueled me for the morning of dishes, laundry and vacuuming . Then I started on the search for that design to do with the garden once again and after an hour I found what I thought would work- I think it is cute and I am so close to finishing it, but "tired" hit me all at once and when I get so tired I start to make mistakes and I do not want to make anymore than I have too.

Of course the embroidery machine and I had to have war once again and that last several hours. I won in the end , but it was a tough battle. I was for sure it would be agreeable to work today as the last time had ended successfully . But I put my first color in and it started off great-that white bottom thread was not showing and I was thrilled so I turned my head to consider the "other shirt " that I am mad at and Yep- broke the thread. So, I re-threaded it and it broke once again. I tried to pull on that forgotten knowledge  that I am suppose to have up there , and got lucky and decided to try a different thread after all it is a red radish and they have different shades of red .That was a wise choice and the red sewed out perfectly-long enough for me to get my mind back on the other shirt.

Time to change colors to green and the war was on-it teased me by sewing almost one whole leaf and then the breaking started . It would break and I would try a new green-over and over and over. : (
Somewhere in there it also decided to skip stitches so I took it apart and cleaned the race and the war was on.  Let's just say I finally succeeded after several hours of the battle.

Then I started putting it together and the further along I got (now this is a size Small Men's in Butterick) and it is larger than the size xl that I am mad at. Well, too late now because that garden guy is going to Jimmy-maybe he can use it for a pillow case??? I might suggest that to him! LOL I am all the way down to the cuffs on the sleeve and they are the wrong size-something about that dumb fabric that likes to trick me. I am so glad that it is almost gone. Don't you hate to be out-smarted by a piece of fabric. Something about that yellow in that camo just stretches to a different length than the greens??? I will just grit my teeth and "fake it"! LOL

I asked DH to try on that "fishing man" shirt today so I could study it . It is too big for him in the shoulders and the sleeves are really too tight-so I cut the long sleeves off and am going with short-at least it won't be too tight on the grandson's arms.

I think my "sewing angel" has take vacation on me through these camo colored projects and left me to "wing it" all by myself. So let me share the vinegar tips with you -at least that is something positive .

Vinegar Tips:
Historically, infections on the face, around the eyes, and in the ears have been treated with a solution of vinegar and water. It works because vinegar is antiseptic(it kills germs on contact)and antibiotic ( it contains bacteria which is unfriendly to infectious microorganisms).

More recently, vinegar has been used to treat chronic middle ear diseases when traditional drug-based methods fail.One treatment currently being prescribed for ear infections at Ohio State University 's hospital is irrigation with vinegar..At a Yale-New Haven Hospital began cleaning the scrub-room sink with a 1/2%solution of ordinary household vinegar. It worked better at eliminating the offending bacteria than the commercial product it replaced!

Two old-time remedies for treating mild burns were to douse the hurt with apple cider vinegar or to let a snail crawl over it. If you don't have a friendly snail around, you may want to try dabbing a bit of apple cider vinegar onto the painful area. Vinegar is particularly useful for neutralizing alkali burns.

I have used it for sunburns and it worked like a charm.
Love to all and we will try again tomorrow-right now before I fall over I need to go sneak some beans in the crock-pot for tomorrow. That way my wee brain will not have to go on over-load trying to feed us. : )


  1. Oh so sorry the "Sewing Angel" has let you down.

  2. Snails? EEE gads I am NOT going to let a snail slime itself on me! I think I will stick to the vinegar if I get a burn! Or just water.
    Snails??? Who on earth thought of that I wonder?

    I don't like snails.... if I stand on one by accident I throw up. Ikkkkkky. Apparently I ate them as a wee child. My mother delighted in telling me that. What a tart. lol

    Your wee dogs are darling.