Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't You Wish You Were A Cat Sometimes?

The ability to just lay around in a sewing room, testing out every piece of fabric you could stick your body to and the keen knowledge of every little space that you patrol?Plus, you have the enjoyment of laying on the seat in the window where you can watch all the birds fly in and out all day long-isn't that a neat movie.

But today I could not enjoy watching it with Miss Rosie. Instead I had to call DH's doctor and get him an appointment. He kept saying his back was killing him and he had slept all weekend long except for the brief time that he was not moaning in pain. He was just miserable and it was time to go have it checked out.

He has a wonderful lady doctor and she has the "best" nurses on the planet. He always starts to "pick" on them and they are so sweet to him and we all end up laughing. They ran a urine test and was surprised that he had blood in his urine and also sugar???? I had been warning him about too many sweets - but what average person does not love sweets??

They took a look at his medicine and discovered a new one they did not know about. It was a steroid that the cancer doctor had put him on and neither of us even remembered it??? Probably because the name on the bottle we did not recognize . It turned out that he had a nurse practitioner and it was her name .

She said that it was the steroids that were raising his sugar ???? So , she was trying to contact him to see if DH was suppose to stay on the steroids for very long -if so they would have to do something with his sugar and if not then hopefully his body would right itself??? So, we just have to wait and see what will play out. You always hear about some medicines that do not "Play well" with others and this must be one of those cases.

It made me think back to when I was the one So weak I couldn't stand and I slept all the time before they found out what it was. I have been so blessed that I keep mine in control with diet and exercise.I HATE pills!

I did manage to sew the front and back of that camo shirt I have started. Then I sewed the front piece and was in the attempt to figure out how to lay the V neckband in place ???? You notice I said ATTEMPT! LOL

Something killed one of my guinea pigs last night and I have set a live trap tonight -hoping - to catch the booger! I REALLY HATE when somebody gets killed! I guess I have just been lucky for the past two years having the guinea pigs outdoors in a big corral , so they can run and play and dig tunnels and do what ever their little guinea pig hearts desire. It seems that something Always has to ruin it !

I hope you guys have had a great day. It was Too Beautiful this afternoon when I took my walk. Sometimes the beauty is just almost more than I can stand. And - last night as I was heading to bed I opened my window and listened to all the crickets and jar -flys and I could not help but think , the people in the cities never get to hear all of this.


  1. I hope your man is feeling well again soon and I'm sorry about your little guinea pig. They are such sweet characters who'd never hurt anyone.

  2. Sorry to hear about your little furry friend.
    Hope DH is better soon.

    I know what you mean about living away from the city. It is also nice and peaceful here.

  3. I am so lucky as I live in a big city (for New Zealand anyway) and I see and hear lots of native birds! Tui's, Wood Pidgeons, Fantails, Morporks even!