Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dolly slacks

This was a perfectly beautiful day and as usual it just went too fast. By the time I did all the outside chores and came in and fed us, cleaned up the dishes ,ran a laundry and then DH and I went to Wal-mart to pick up a few things which totally 110.00. Ouch. At least I will eat about a week. Yum! Blueberries and strawberries and I even treated myself to a small container of that Greek Yogurt that has been all over the tv. I kept wondering what they could do differently to yogurt ? Well I was wrong -it was SOOOOo much better  than regular yogurt. It made you think of cottage cheese and the blueberries in there you could really know they were real blueberries because they were plump and yummy.

Then we got back to the house and fixed us each one of those small pizzas and DH fixed popcorn. That meant I had about an hour to work on my dolly project. I did get her a pair of slacks made and was hoping to make her a poncho shirt like I have but the serger and I got into a disagreement and it won for a long time, but then I took the lead and got to sew decorator thread around the poncho . My next difficulty was trying to get her head through the top . I cut it small and she would not fit, so I kept trying and the last time when I could get her head through the hole - it was now TOO large and just fell off of her shoulders. POO! That silky brown that she is holding was the fabric I attempted to use and the serger REALLY did not like to sew it .I thought for sure when I got it serged all the way around that my troubles were over. Another lesson tackled.

Shoot, I'm out of time . At least half of the project is good. Maybe tomorrow will help me with the shirt. She might not get a poncho shirt after all? : )

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  1. Today I can finally leave comments again! I have been keeping up with you though. Love your porch garden! Love the dolls and the little pants! Isn't it amazing how the day goes by so fast before we get to have fun in the sewing room.