Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dolly O Dolly!

Well I can tell you that I am learning lessons AGAIN! Here is one of my charges. I think she is cute ! I got up early to get my work completed so I could start to work, but then breakfast showed its face. ????? Why do we Have to eat. Just imagine the side affects - no more dirty dishes  and more time to do something else-if only to read a book or catch up on all of our blogging friends.

But you know how it is - life just gets in the way-so I did not get started on this till after noon.  I had studied the project for a while and then started on the "bloomers" that every modest little doll should have -even though I know that just about ANY little girl will try to pull her bloomers off -as soon as they can. I worked till 4 when DH came asking for food.  But by then I had tested this project and decided that the doll is a lot smarter than me.

The first pair of bloomers was wrong because  I had not noticed that white part, so I did some changes and the second one was much better , But by now I am Pooped again.

I even hopped over to the v-neck tee shirt that I am working on for DH , but of course I was too tired and made a boo-boo of it. I will probably rip that out tomorrow. I guess we all try to push and pull too much into every day

SOOOOO - Happy Trails!


  1. I think BOTH pairs of bloomers are cute.
    Well done.

  2. You are better than me Linda as I would NOT make dolls clothes. Far too fiddlely.