Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Passing By Virginia

I am so grateful that we live far enough away from the coast that all we are receiving are some winds. I was almost ashamed that we had such a lovely day -knowing that others are in harm's way . It is very sad.

But I did not feel like wasting  the moments of time given to me , so I went to the sewing room and had my heart set on cutting out more projects. My aim is to get that nasty CUTTING finished .

My first job was to cut out a few of the pattern pieces that have flown the coop on me. I am using me "soil-control" that I like so much. It makes saving patterns a dream. It looks nice rolled back up and all ready for the next time.

I did get my walk in this afternoon. All of that nice breeze really stirred up all the wonderful out door smells. I stopped and tossed the guinea pigs some apples that I picked up. They really enjoy that.

I am halfway up my "hill" that starts my walk. I wish it was the last part of the walk so it would be easier to deal with it. Starting on a hill the very first thing is a challenge to me and DH has to stop several times going up - if he walks with me.

Cocoa and Bandit like exploring as we go along.. We even saw a single deer on our way up.

Mother and son sheep just looked up to see what we were doing in their field.

Their guardian , Yukon came to get a few pets on the head and to have his ears scratched.

Then it was back to the sewing room where I check out all of my work- 6 projects all cut and bagged -just ready for me to turn them into something useful.  I had the most awful fight with these projects. I had been using a Burda pattern and the sizes were not coming out right . So, I pulled out the Butterick pattern and laid one on top of the other and was Shocked at the difference in the sizes! It was a  good size Larger if you used the Butterick -so that meant that the Burda was a size smaller . I was starting to get a picture .I had not used the Butterick pattern in a couple of years because it was too large for the size and my kids could not use what I made with it- but Now that I was starting to understand according to things I had made for the kids - adults as well as "kid" I could see what to do.

I was surprised that I had six projects already cut out and I believe that I had ordered 10 yards of the camo knit. It normally takes approximately 2 yards or there about -but this fabric is 61 inches wide and that is helping me get a little more accomplished with it.

Vinegar tip:
Use a vinegar and water rinse to eliminate frizz from over-permed hair. It also brightens dark hair and adds sparkle to blond hair.

Ensure soft radiant skin and prevent blemishes by conditioning the skin while sleeping with a covering of strawberries and vinegar. Mash 3 large strawberries into 1/4 cup vinegar and let it sit for 2 hours. Then strain the vinegar through a cloth. Pat the strawberry flavored vinegar onto the face and neck. Wash off in the morning. Skin will sooon be free of pimples and blackheads.

By for now and Happy Trails To You

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  1. Glad you are safe from the hurricane and I loved your walk, hills keep us healthy, heehee.
    Says me sitting at the computer...I'm off out for a walk.