Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keeping An Eye On Me

Yep, Cocoa has been keeping an eye on me today -I think she knows I am miserable. I felt so bad that I could only do the basics . On one side of my mouth I have an infected tooth . My doctor even gave me antibiotics -hoping to tide me over until the dentist could see me, but after going back on them last night  it is not working this time. I even gave in and took pain pills today and that didn't even help.

On the other side  is my jaw and  TMJ which has been excruciating. With everything hurting so bad  I just did not have the heart to tackle anything, because I figured I would just ruin it because of lack of concentration.

But I sincerely  hope that you had a wonderful time. I did stop and visit with DietCokeRocks and had to smile when she said she had lost time this week. LOL  I thought that was my thing to do. LOL

Love to All

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