Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tomorrow is birthday son : )

He turns a whole 28 years young. But , I guess with all of the back pain and later surgeries that he probably feels older than that. I am so hoping that this last surgery he had might help. It is so terrible to see one of your children in pain (no matter what age they are) and not be able to do anything about it.

This makes the third try for him this shirt. I finally had to retrace the size xl once again. I knew the size large I had already made two of would be too small because they were tight on me and he is larger than me when you consider his broad shoulders.But that will help me in the long run because that will be two more shirts for my Christmas list ,Yea!

So, I will call this a Very Successful day because even a bad day sewing is better than a good day doing almost anything else!

Well, I better get hopping as I promised DH pancakes for Supper????? Yep-that's what I said! : )

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  1. I hope your son has a lovely Birthday!
    My eldest son is 28 as well!