Friday, August 12, 2011

I get to play with dolls again

Well, Rosie just lives to adore her fabrics. LOL  It is a new day and I am sorry I did not post last night , but it was the Sewing Guild  and after such an exciting afternoon I was just "Too Pooped to Pop"! There was so much going on. They had a silent auction with such a variety of things to drool over. Several pieces of fabrics , many different patterns , many nice books and even an embroidery machine like one of mine . We even had a dinner and the food was fantastic.

It was also the evening of our ugly fabric challenge. My tummy was doing flip-flops. Nobody could figure out what mine was ??? Until after the voting when we each gave our story of the journey of our project. THEN everybody loved mine because it was so useful. O Well - DH was tickled to death that his new seat covers came home to him. LOL I was hoping to see what somebody turned the piece of fabric into that I had donated, but who ever it was did not show.

Lynne had turned her "Really Ugly Fabric" into a lovely light weight jacket and had accented the busy checked design with a solid color around the neck and inside and really made it "POP"! I could hardly believe how nice it was now!  Just goes to show you that there are really great "fiber artists "out there .

The winner of the contest was a lady who made one of the most fantastic draft dodgers I have ever seen. She turned it into a lady doll all decked out with jewelry and the dodge part was her really nice long legs that were wearing her granddaughters shoes - size 3. I wish you could have seen her - she was really the
Bomb?" It could not have been any better! I had not thought of making a draft dodger (one of those creations that you stick against your doors to keep the cold winds out.)That might be very interesting????

But after all that excitement I stopped and picked up two of the dolls that whoever wants to dress up for the children who need toys for Christmas. I picked up two red-heads because I am a red-head. LOL (Really red and silver now! LOL)

I have never sewed doll clothes before - so this might get interesting? That was the two pieces of fabric that I picked up because it was just 1.50 for both of them.

I hope you have had as much fun as I have had!  I guess I would say," another day-another adventure'! LOL


  1. I can't wait to see what you make for those dolls.
    Years and years ago I made Barbi Doll clothes for my girls... talk about finnicky... they were murder to make.

  2. Rosie looks like she is going roll off the table.
    Sounds like you had a good time at your Guild meeting.