Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cowboy Welcoming You In!

We both say , Welcome, Welcome!

There  has not been to much accomplished today. I did get morning chores completed a little early so I had time to make fresh biscuits this morning. I had fresh tomatoes with mine and DH had eggs and tomatoes wih his. It was such  a treat to have home-grown tomatoes! But - it lead to the discovery that our tomato plants are dieing. They are loaded with tomatoes , but I don't know IF they will live long enough for them to get ripe enough to can them? Darn It! I had such high hopes! You k now how it is with "those Best Laid Plans" - they most certainly do Often Go Astray!

I picked the cucumbers . I had been very impatiently waiting for these to use in a new recipe called Sun Cucumbers. I knew I had all the ingredients , but when I had already cut the cukes and loaded everything in the jar - for some reason my alum had disappeared! # 2 DARN IT!

One of our grandsons stopped by to pick up some worms to go fishing with tomorrow. He has just started a new job working for the Foundry and it is very Hard work! The pay is good for our neck of the woods. Eleven dollars an hour- wish I could earn that much. He has one toddler and they are expecting another soon. They will need every penny they can get , with things as expensive as they are.

I finally got to get my act together to make that larger size tee shirt. I pulled out the next size larger and looked at it thinking it did not look like it was any larger than the first one I made, so I laid it out to the master pattern and IT was the same size. SHOOT! How did I manage that???????? Well, it certainly was not hard for me -so I cut some more of the soil control and laid it on top of the main pattern and traced it again!. Finally I got to cut it out!

So really I am making progress, even if it is slow. I have the qualities of the turtle - Slow and steady -wins the race! (Or at least I hope so) Maybe tomorrow will show more progress??? : )

O, I did wake up this morning with a creak in my neck and it is so painful to try to turn my head! This is only the third one I have ever had in my lifetime, and if I have any say in the matter - I Hope it is the last one! LOL

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  1. Nothing like a crick in the neck... OUCH!
    Did you know that to buy a tomatoe here (JUST ONE LITTLE ONE) costs $1.00 !!! That would be $0.87c US... crazy eh?
    Maybe your tomatoe plants need more watering???