Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keeping an Eye on hurricane Irene.

My little mums have survived one night and one day - Yea! I did not even let the chickens out today because I knew what they would do and it would not be Pretty!  I cannot wait until the plants take off. One reason I wanted to get them now is because of the hurricane, Irene. She is not suppose to rip through our neighborhood, but there is suppose to be lots of rain and rain is what these little darlings will hope for.

I had watered the plants on the front porch this morning , but by lunch time they were already wilted. I got to eat another one of my beautiful Yellow pepper sandwiches today and it was so Yummy. Then for lunch was another cucumber salad. I am about out of the cucumbers and it has been so much fun to enjoy them. Another YUM!

O, we stopped in Wal-mart and the young lady at the cash registrars had on an apron just like the one I had been looking for . All of the regular ones Hurt my neck because of my fibromyalgia. So, I asked her where she got her lovely apron ? To which she replied , "I made it myself" If you would like I could make you one because I am taking orders and she slipped her business card in my purse. 

Little Bear kept me company on my morning walk, but it was raining this afternoon so we did not walk.

Vinegar tips::A full head of healthy, richly colored hair can be ensured well into old age. You need only to start each day with a glass of water to which has been added 4 teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar, black strap molasses  and  honey.

Apple cider vinegar is helpful in melting away excess pounds. Simply drink a glass of warm water, with a single teaspoon of apple cider vinegar stirred in, before each meal. It moderates the over -robust appetite and melts away fat.

Now whether vinegar actually burns up fatty calories , reins in the over -lusty inclination for partaking of provisions or simple fills one up with tart vinegar-water, the results are the same. You eat less and the pounds melt away.

I hope everyone stays safe. ! Linda


  1. Hope your little mums do well.

    Oh you did not show us a photo of your apron??

  2. Stay safe Linda and keep away from Irene.