Monday, August 8, 2011

Tracing a pattern for DH and modifing the Neck

What a busy day. By the time I went out and did morning chores , came back in for breakfast, and as I was almost finishing my meal DH wanted me to wrap two birthday presents for our son. I can often see how two parents come in very handy because I had the tee shirt and lounge pants and I wrapped a tool set and a little multi-function tool made like a pair of pliers , but it had little doo-dads all over it . So, I felt tickled that we covered all bases. LOL

They were all sitting out on the front porch and DH handed him his gifts one by one and you could see that he appreciated them so very much. That was one thing that I always admired about him as a kid growing up -anything you did for him - just tickled him to death. (not like some kids that you could never please)

I had also fixed a project last night for my granddaughter that lives in the next house. She is 15 and I had written and asked her IF she was still wearing flip-flops and she answered yes and gave me her size. I had stopped at a Dollar Store and found a purple pair for a dollar. Purple is her favorite color. Then I rummaged through my treasures and found some multicolored yarn with pinks and purples and whites. You single crochet all around the strap and then I made 6 crocheted little circles and sewed them on each shoe. I Plum forgot to take a picture , but they turned out just as cute as they could be. Made me wish I could wear flip-flops , but that toe piece always rubs sores between my toes. I walked up the hill and laid them on her porch. I wish I could have been a little bug on the wall to see what she really thought????

We came on home and I had a salad and DH had tomato sandwiches and I did enough house work that you can walk through the house and then I hot-footed it into the sewing room.

One Problem I have had with DH's tee shirts is that he Always pulls at the neck in the front. He does it to store-bought too. He just cannot stand to have anything touch his throat and I remembered I had a pattern for a V-neck shirt. I pulled it out and found all the pieces and pulled out my soil control and laid it on top of the pattern and went to tracing it. Then I remembered that DH has very narrow shoulders - so I copied off the bend of the under arm piece and marked it back -taking an inch off of it so It will turn out more narrow.

But now it is looking like rain and almost dark so I will have to put it up and go out and do chores. I would Hate for me to Melt in the rain. : )

Happy Trails to you! :)

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  1. I don't like flip flops either... over here we call them Jandals though!
    YOu are very clever to modify shirt patterns for your DH!