Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday Dolly Shirt

Well, this is funny -this is the first time that the picture does not do justice. LOL That heart embroidery is done in a pretty bright green metallic thread .

I had got to some detail to accomplish the shirt,like working the neckband and putting the sleeves in and then it came time to try it on and ??????? The neck would not go over the head - just like when I started that poncho shirt. LOL  I REALLY did not want to trash this little shirt (shoot , if I had enough of that knit I would make me a shirt! LOL)

So I stood there and pondered my alternatives????? A smile came across my face and I took my scissors and sliced down the back of the shirt and then serged all of the edges nice and smooth . Then I sewed a velco patch at the back neckline and like magic I now had a shirt that would be easy to take on and off and all of my effort would not go to waste! YEA!

There is one thing that I have enjoyed with this project-  I can use it to "test out" a different techniques -something that I had meant to try , but never got around to it. By being small - I also do not  have to take as much time to RIP my boo-boos out. LOL  Also I have got to try my hand at making patterns and it makes me even more appreciative of the people who create these patterns. Of course that also lead me to appreciate the people who create the fabrics that we play with.  So, as I break all the elements down it seems like a miracle that we all contribute to our creations. It makes me think of that old saying about it takes a community to raise a child and in this case the "child" is our creations. : )

We had another perfectly Beautiful day, not too hot and not to cool. DH took our son back to the doctor who did the surgery on his back for a re-check today. The doctor told him not to lose patience with his pain level because the disc had been on that nerve for 14 months and IT was still mad at him! I thought to myself that nerve should be mad at the doctors who would not help him.

I hope you have had a perfect day also! They sure are sweet! : )

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