Friday, August 19, 2011

Rosie was on guard duty today-see how alert she is ?

It was one of those "run" days. We had to go to town and then to the Goodwill for DH to hunt him a pair of pants-since he has outgrown his again. LOL  Next to the drug store for his meds and finally to the feed store .It was an absolutely a perfectly lovely day.

Then we came home and had something to eat. I had a cucumber  salad and DH had chili beans. He accompanied me on my walk right at dusk.He had to stop every little while because of his arthritis

While he came to the house I unloaded the feed by myself. It is just way easier than working with him. He likes to throw "husbands fits" and I enjoy the peace and quiet. : )

Got all of the evening chores completed and came in and sliced me a nectarine and DH a peach that we got at the fruit - stand. These were Really delicious. I was half afraid to buy them because last year they were all terrible -rotten inside and you could not tell until you had cut them open. Then you have no money to buy more and you do not have any fruit either.

I have been working on that camo Vneck tee shirt and am making progress.Maybe by tomorrow I can complete it and have something to show and celebrate. : )

Happy Week-end to you ! : )

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