Monday, August 22, 2011

This Morning

I walked out on the front porch and took in all of the beauty beside the house. All of this lovely green and growing is slowly turning into yellows of all shades as the leaves fall through the skies. And the grass in the distance is looking very tired - like it is looking forward to its Winter nap. I will miss it so very terribly. I love this season -even though I have fought with the carpenter bees most of the Summer. I have won a few battles-but lost a lot of them.Then I had that battle with the yellow jackets and I definitely lost that battle-which DH won for me that night. O , and the lovely little mosquitoes who tried to keep me company on my afternoon walks -the song of buzzzzzzzzzzzzz  whispered in your ear. It's a good think I have long hair because twirling that braid over my head around and around worked as a very nice repellent! : )

I have seen 3 snakes this Summer -one which DH killed , one that got away from him and one that I actually touched in my dove house . Have you ever seen a small snake  make a coil and then shimmy its  body as it buries under some sawdust on the floor? Quiet amazing.

Then came the cucumbers that grew so fast that I could not keep up with them. By the time I saw them as babies-two or three days later they were monsters, and this was the first time ever since we moved here that cucumbers have ever grown here , they always fell over dead- so I am still in shock-happy shock I  might add.

I finally made it back in the house and wanted to do something creative with sewing. One part of me wanted to cut out another shirt ,but after all those lessons on this quirky fabric I did not feel I was up to it yet- SO- I took a couple of strips of leftover fabric from DH's shirt and I used my rotary to try to get a nice even strip. I then sewed all the pieces together to make one strip . I had got this idea somewhere that I cannot remember-but I started to wrap the strips into a coil and use a zigzag stitch to sew them into a solid circle. After I made a couple of strips it wanted to curl up and be unco-operative with me. It was bad enough attempting to make it behave itself, but then the sewing machine thought it would join in the fun and ever trip around as the needle went down into the fabric -when it came back up it would tie the thread into knots and then I had to figure out how to untie it???? Thus , making this lesson  a failing grade for me this day.

I really wanted to figure this out and turn all of my scraps into a fake braided rug. How nice it would be to not waste any scraps at all.  : (

So, I gave up that idea and fed DH his supper . He asked for "Pancakes " for supper. I thought I was the only weird one in the family. I fixed him his pancakes and me fresh blue- berry waffles . I did use real blue-berries and whole wheat bread in mine -hoping that maybe I could eek out a little bit of something in there good for me.Yea, yea - I know , I hear you snickering already.

I did go for a longer afternoon walk. DH had quit using the path that was in the woods a long time ago, so I found my way to the original path which should have been over grown years ago-but it was not . It was the path that my Mom and I used when I was a little girl to walk back in the forest to go see my Uncle.He had been in the army at one time and when he came home he had moved back into their parents house-but he went to sleep with a cigarette and burned the house down accidentally. Then he built a little cabin on the house site and the same thing happened, Then he built his last cabin way back in the woods as far away as he could get from people. He lived off of the land and he walked out once a week to go to the local little country store.

O, I almost forgot to do my next Vinegar Tip:
Memory can be greatly improved by drinking a glass of warm water before each meal, with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar stirred in.

That's it for tonight , gang.
Love to all!


  1. Nice post, I enjoyed reading it
    I think I will need more then just ONE teaspoon for my memory Linda.

  2. Seriously? warm water and vinegar? Wow. I loved seeing your green grass. I hate snakes. We have one around here but sweet hunter will not kill it because he says it is a chicken snake and eats rats, etc. I don't care what it eats! lol That is so sad about your Uncle burning his house down. Nobody got hurt?