Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Beautiful Way to Start the Week

It has been such a magnificent day . Everywhere I look I see beauty all around and I feel like I have to appreciate each day with its beauty because they are slipping  away from me -pointing their view towards Old Man Winter. Every soft tender breeze seems to stroke my cheeks as I walk. I wish that it did not have to go away again.

I realize that each season has its own blessings that they share with us. When I was young I used to hear people talk about "getting stuck in their ways" , but I did not think I would ever find myself in that  life-style. I always looked forward to learning everything new that came my way  and I was Always enjoying each new step.

Aaaa - HHHHHAH! But then time passes by and as you age you start to see a different picture & I wish that a lot of things did not have to change. Yes, I could see myself -becoming Happy in that " Stuck"!
For instance I no longer move my furniture around each month because it just seems to "work better" this way I no longer chase the "dustbunnies" as much as I did when I was younger - with problems with my eyes - the dustbunnies no longer show up as easiely anymore , so why should I work so hard to chase them -especially when the older joints are glad to let them slide.  But, that is just life and the lessons we learn. : )

These are my peppers on the front porch and they are the first yellow ones that I have ever grown. I have been watching they grow all summer . Now that it is almost harvest time I cannot decide what I want to do with them?They are so beautiful to me that I do not want to cut their beautiful flesh.

Today I got to clean Half of my living room and I dusted a small bookcase of my favorite books.Of course that is such a challenge for me because each one as I lifted it out was like meeting a old friend and I wanted to take time to visit with each of them - knowing if I did that I would not get anything accomplished. So, I made a deal with them- I would take ONE book and share parts of its knowledge with my blog family. After all, who can ever have enough knowledge. : )

The information in this book is about vinegar. It says the way to stay helathy and alert, well into old age is to combine 1 teaspoon  to a full glass of water and drink it down.
The way to stay healthy well into old age is to combine 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of honey and a full glass of water. Take this
The most pleasant way to take a daily dose of vinegar is to add a small dollop of clover honey to a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix together and drizzle this healthy dressing over a small bowl of greens. tonic .
Another salad dressing can be made from 1/4  cup corn oil, and 1/8 cup honey. Mix well .
Memory can be greatly improved by drinking a glass of warm water before each meal, with a teaspoon of cider vinegar stirred in.

One of the things that I have not discovered is the difference between store bought   vinegar and the healthy vinegar from the health food stores. I know it has something to do with the way it is processed . So, if anybody knows I would love to find out because it seems that we humans have a real talent for taking something good for us and turning it into something Not.

Well, I need to start to figure out what my next sewing project will be??? That is the only negative result from completing a project. Then you have to "regroup" and figure out the next step.

O, I did learn something today. DH had worn the shirt made from the rayon and cotton jersey fabric -ever since yesterday when I gave it to him . He wore it outside and said that our younger son was right - it was a hot shirt out in the sun.  ; (   Well Shoot. I will need to stick that in my memory bank.  Rayon mixed with any kind of jersey is a NO - NO! I need to stick with cotton jersey.

love to all!


  1. Ah I am like you now Linda. No moving furniture and I cannot see the dust bunnies either.

    I picked my first YELLOW capsicum( pepper)yesterday.

  2. There are definitely things that are more important than dust bunnies- A very lovely post Linda- there are so many things in daily life that are indeed awesome and amazing..
    Hope that your week continues to be a happy journey.
    Warmest regards,