Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well Bust My Britches!

This was suppose to be a surprise for DH -but I think it ended up being a surprise on me! I don't know what in the world influences my camera ,except for the fact that sometimes It Loves its subjects and sometimes it does not. This has to be one of those "NOT"!

I have been working on this for the past week , in between playing with the dolls. DH's shoulders are very narrow and anything I use on a store bought pattern just falls off of him so I sat down and drew out a new pattern -more to his body structure. I really narrowed the shoulders and I went with a V-neck line because he is Always pulling on the regular neckline and stretching his shirts out of shape.

When I saw this picture was a flunk- I ran to get my camera and do it again - only to discover that since I had given it to him and it was on him and he was gone to play "guns" with his brother and his grandson. So, I will try to catch my shirt again - once it comes to a rest somewhere. LOL

I am curious to find out what he thinks of the shirt after he gets it "broke in! I can already tell that I will have to lengthen it because his tummy is peeking out . But , it is a good experiment for the first shot at it. : )

It has been a beautiful day-I hate to see it leave. I have got a lot of work caught up , although it does not look like it. Somethings are the hardest to keep up with and they tend to be the things that "others" never notice.

I had a wonderful salad today-actually two of them, because I went to the garden and over the last 2 days all of my cucumber vines have fallen over dead-so I grabbed the cucumbers (now that I could see them) and I grabbed a few tomatoes (their plants are dead too) and I intended to enjoy these last feasts -YUM! I also have a scrub apple tree that they used to graft a crab apple tree onto. I never could keep the tree up straight -it continually fell over -so then the crab apple took off growing and the other apple part went the other way.So I have crab apples and also some kind of little scrubby apples -BUT - the scrubby apple is SOOOO good. So I grabbed 3 and diced them up in the salad and it is the best salad I have ever sank my choppers into!

And by next month I will tackle the crap apples and turn it into the most beautiful RED jelly ! YUM!

I hope you all have had a wonderful day!   : )


  1. Sewing and home grown salad sounds like a good day to me.

  2. Ditto I have to agree with Sue.