Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Peeking In To See What You are UP To? :)

You remember that old saying about Curiosity ? ???????? I have been curious about hurricane Irene. I had thought we all might just make it through the year without any hurricanes and that would just suite me fine -I do not even live in the path , yep I am keeping all those folks in my prayers.

This is my precious little Cocoa and she went for a walk with me this afternoon. All, but one went with us for a walk and Cocoa can just run circles around ALL of them. We call her the little Tennessee -Walker ( a horse with a high step )

This walk was the high point of my day because me and a piece of fabric had a war! It is that green camo knit and it came on a roll and when I did that first shirt I knew it was on the roll twisted and that make  my shirt want to run crooked. So I washed it in hot water and dried it in the clothes dryer . Then I tugged it all loose and ATTEMPTED to put it back on the roll straight!

You did notice that I said attempted. It was a nightmare and I spent 4 hours cutting out TWO shirts! POOH! I was hoping to get everything cut out of that roll because I have discovered that I do not enjoy cutting out my projects - so I prefer to get all the cutting finished first and then things run much more smoothly for me.

But, it did not work out that way !

Last night I noticed our furbabies were itching- so I went looking for a tote to mix up their dip in  and found an empty one. DH took one look at it and asked me where in the world had I had that pretty tote hidden? I laughed and told him that by now I usually have that tote full of Christmas presents and it is empty - so I am that far behind. POOH - again!

Vinegar Tips:

Asthma can be relieved by combining the advantages of accupressure with the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Use a wide rubberband to hold gauze pads, which have been soaked in vinegar, to the inside of the wrists.

Heavily soiled hands can be cleaned while giving them a soothing treatment. Simply scrub with cornmeal, moistened with apple cider vinegar. Then rinse in cool water and pay dry.

You can banish dandruff and make hair shiny and healthy if you rinse after every shampoo with: one-half cup apple cider vinegar mixed  into two cup of warm water.

Love to all and stay safe.

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  1. What a handsome Rooster!!

    Good luck with your cutting out. I don't like that either.