Sunday, August 28, 2011

Luv/Hate Relationship

This is that Very Naughty camo knit fabric that is going to end up tormenting me for several more projects!I am beginning to wonder IF I will survive it.

I started  this project on the embroidery machine at about 12:30pm and here it is 6:47pm  Can you believe that! First it was the embroidery machine , well really it was the embroidery machine 95percent of the time-I guess the 5percent was the fabric .

Needless to say - I was not a happy camper. Plus, I was missing out on some of the most beautiful weather with lots of breezes that make it so perfect.

To make matters even worse - when the machine did that "Final" outline stitch - it did not hit the outline it should have done , but , literally went where ever it darn well pleased -but Occasionally hit a right spot! After spending HOURS and then having it act like that was just adding injury to insult! So I am hoping to finish it all up tomorrow.

DH was suppose to leave tomorrow to go to Eastern VA. to help his cousin put down a hardwood floor ,but he called him to say that Hurricane Irene had hit them and they had no electricity and the roads were closed by trees down and it was just a big mess So, he will wait to hear from him when they get their electricity back on.

Vinegar tips:
Corns and calluses will fall away,overnight, if you treat them with a vinegar compress. Simply tape 1/2 of a slice of stale bread(which has been soaked with apple cider vinegar) to the offending lump. By Morning the skin will look smooth and new.

Ladies can protect their skin from the ravages of the summer sun by applying a protection of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Mixed half and half, this combination helps prevent sunburn and chapping.

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