Monday, August 15, 2011

Dolly jacket

Ok, I decided that she might enjoy a little light weight jacket to play around in.. I think she is cute now. One down and one more to go and I think I have an idea for that one too.

I have never made doll clothes before and I kept wishing I had more talent and more ideas! I still think this project is educational because I noticed that as I draw out the patterns - from all that Lynne has taught me - I do realize that there are parts to the pattern that I would not have known about if not for her. I believe that every little scrap of knowledge that we can gain helps us grow and improve and hopefully Save our Brains! LOL

It has been down right Cool here for me today. Just the weather that DH loves. He was even sweating while I wrapped up in a light weight fleece blanket  while we watched tv and had lunch today. LOL

I had a wonderful surprise today. My e-sister from Tenn. sent me a surprise gifts. She had created chocolate covered almonds and they were just out of this world.I was craving something sweet anyway and they really hit the target! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well she's a well dressed girl and her knickers don't even show now.

  2. Your doll's clothes look fantastic.
    It's cold here too... VERY cold.... 4 C or 39 F for you... and we even got a wee bit of SNOW which is unheard of here in Auckland!!!
    Most of the country is covered in snow actually... we are having an Antarctic Storm, the last one was about 80 years ago!