Friday, August 5, 2011

Work With Me, Little Plant!

It was a totally beautiful day with lots of sunshine and warm weather. I worked outside all of the morning,  I also worked with the "critters" -cleaning cages and that was a lot of work in the  heat , even though I do have a fan on all of them that are in the building.

DH worked on his truck because he called the "young friend" that we have that helped us cut firewood all winter. He made the trip on his new little moped and then he let DH take a spin on it. Maybe that will satisfy his curiosity.?

We made the trip to town and when we returned home I worked on something to feed us. It did not turn out to be much of a success. That zucchini recipe did not turn out good. I had cooked that dish for an hour yesterday and also an hour this afternoon and the squash was still so  hard it was almost impossible to eat them. DH said it was where they were Too large.

Then I proceeded to ruin the stuffed peppers. I had bought canned mackeral to stuff them with , but when I took it out of the can to remove the bones I tasted it and it was Terrible. I don't know how they are killing our mackeral - but -it is HORRIBLE!  It really upset me to ruin food that should have been so good . I checked the label on the can and it said ; made in China. I don't know IF that means anything , buy this is the second store I have tested the mackeral at and they are both terrible. They Double the price and make the food uneatable!

This is one of my pots of White cucumbers. This is the first time I have ever tried them. I do think they are pretty and it was a fun experiment. : )

This is our lovely Unicon -the donkey. He was keeping an eye on me on the porch snapping pictures. He is just a big pet.

This is some of my "porch garden " .I have been madly in love with this plant as I watched it grow . I had forgotten what it was until these little green balls appeared. I was overjoyed until I fought with that vine day before yesterdan and broke the support I had worked so hard on and my little plant came tumbling down. I really wanted to cry and I could  not even bear to touch it until this morning when  I tugged it over to a support post and tied it back up once again. This time I will have to "pull the porch roof " down to hurt my plant.

We had a good rain and when I checked on it this afternoon - it looks a lot more "perky", so I am HOPING it will feel good enough to work with me! : )


  1. Oh no! Hard zucchini and terrible mackeral. I hope your gorgeous garden is growing something perfect for you to cook.

  2. So just what is that little plant with the green balls???
    Drat about the zucchini and mackeral!

  3. I am sure you will get some great things to eat soon.
    Love the birdhouses.