Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Blankets -Thursday

What a truly beautiful Thursday this turned out to be. The weather is beautiful -in the 60's and a beautiful breeze. Hubby spent most of his day out working on the flat tire on his tractor and I spent most of my day in the house fussing with that serger! :)I think we both made some progress.

He did come in and ask me to help him take a tire off of the tractor and put a new one on. He asked is I had on dirty clothes and I told him , No - so I went to change. He laughed and said he thought when you changed clothes and come out looking better -something was fishy.I had to laugh and him and tell him that it was the difference between clothes to wear outdoors and get dirty - versus clothes that you stay in the house and try not to get filthy! :)

Then I really got his goat after we had walked up to his shop -I had brought a pair of rubber gloves and put them on and he started laughing at me. I told him -if he did not know after 42 years -I cannot stand to get mud all over my hands. It must have worked out pretty good because it only took us about half an hour to get that one off and put the other one on.But, it is really rough changing tires at home. :)

Then I came back in and started our supper while he ran to the tractor place for some parts. I fixed veggie  pot pie and baked beans and both of us accomplished our goal -just in time to eat.Now that we are both stuffed we can work it off. LOL

I do the dishes and he heads back out to the tractor and then I head back into the sewing room.

See, I actually did accomplish my goal and I  now have two new baby blankets to show for it. :)

I was planning to move on to some bibs, but of course I can't find my pattern that I made !!!!!Well, I guess I can call it quits for tonight and go do the chores as it is getting dark on me. Then I get to tackly my most favorite job in the world [-(NOT!) !!!!! That would be tackling the monthly bills! :(

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit! You gals are so GREAT!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump Day?

Would you care to know how I have wasted my time today???? No! not on dishes or laundry or the floors ??? No Buddy - I have wasted my time - fighting with my serger -attempting to learn how to use a rolled edge hem on one of the baby blankets! I am here to share with you that I believe that sergers are Wonderful machines - but I believe that they are as stubborn as human beings-and that is saying something.

A few days back I had tested the waters and pulled out my manual -followered it to the letter and on a practice piece of flannel - it looked amazing.But I was dumb enough to put it back to the original position to finish up whatever I was working on then?

Talk about beginners luck! Since this was my second try at it - I guess Lady Luck did not consider me to be a beginner now and that luck just up and flew out the window. !I have tried just about every combination of adjustments on the machine , but it just does not want to play fair with me. Did you ever have one of those play-mates that you Always had to let them pick out what to play - or they refused to play?????????????Well, that is how the serger is today and I believe I am a little "miffed " at it!

I guess I could say my time has not been wasted because I now know how to take one of the stitch fingers off without having a panic attack and I have learned a lot about which is my upper looper and which is my lower looper! I now know more about what is called a rolled edge hem and what is called a narrow edge hem, so I guess we could say that I have learned something ???

So, let's just say that I have lost a couple of battles , but there is still a lot more of the war to come yet. :) I am mad at it and it is just sitting over there in the corner glaring at me . It looks so perky  and happy - But - its day will come.

Well, thank you all SOOO very much for letting me vent!

Our weather turned cooler this after noon and I got chilly. DH is working on the outdoor stove. He is putting water back in it (that takes about 3 hours) and he has started a fire already so it will be heating the water as it flows into the stove tank.

Then a very Fine mist of rain moved in and I told DH that looked like a snow cloud if we were a little further down the road in time. :) Just seeing the mist - made me feel that Winter was here .Thank goodness it is only the beginning of Fall- that is bad enough , for me. I guess I better just break over and start to pull out my long sleeves once again . :)

So, I am sending love to each of you and prayers that you each will have the strength to do battle with what -ever your monsters are, whether it be a machine -OR - a very weary brain. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feels like a wasted day - even though it was not.

I guess you could call it a trade off day. It started off with me helping DH lift up a wall that he plans to use to enclose the wood stove now that he almost has it inside of my building. That thing was heavy too and the rain had really helped pack the earth where son had scraped it over the weekend.

I was not feeling well , I don't know what it was ,but I got sick eating my breakfast and my stomach was mad at me all day long and all the bending and up and down just would not let it be happy. Then while he had his back turned I realized that one of my Mama Hens had hid out under a tarp and hatched 5 precious babies. There was only One cage that was empty ,but the floor was out of it.I went and gathered some supplies to fix the bottom so I could put the Mom and babies in there. Of course hubby caught me and got upset with me because he thought I was dragging him away from what he was trying to do to get the stove hooked back up. I tried to explain that I was not asking him for help-but he helped and fussed anyway. Men?

 We did get it all fixed back up and I caught the Mama and the babies -I wanted to get them caught right after they had hatched because they are very frail , but give them a couple of days and they can outrun a racehorse - So mission accomplished!

But it was not in the cards for DH to have a good day -when he went back and climbed on his tractor - one of the tires blew out -what a racket! Neither one of us knew what was going on? Then he went to get his atv and it would not start???? Things were looking so bad that I thought he was going to "pop a gasket"?/???
I asked him if I could help and that time he waved me away - and I gladly came in the house to work on my baby blankets , but I think his bad luck had rubbed off on me. I tried every set up that my serger called for -to do the rolled hem, but I just could not get it to roll!

By now it is dark and we are both exhausted and now I am getting cold . I know it is still 58 degrees, but I am chilly and so tired . All that up and down our hills just wore me plum out! Maybe tomorrow will be a fresh start! And maybe by tomorrow my stomach will not hurt so bad. ????

Love to all! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bandit is smiling at me

This is my little buddy , Bandit . He has joined me in the sewing room today as I have worked most of the day copying pictures from My Pictures folder on the computer -TO- a flash drive to make me feel safer.

I really and truly adore my pictures. It totally amazes me to be able to view an image and remember that time in my history -with all different kinds of experiences.

When I got my first computer back 10 years ago-it was a real challenge for me trying to learn how to operate one. I am still not so great - but do get to accomplish a lot of what I want it to do. There are two tv programs that I really enjoy - one is NCIS and Abbey runs their computers there and then there is Criminal Minds and Garcia wrangles her computers . Yes, I do know it is a program - but I do believe in my heart that there are others talented just like they are and I Wish I was one of them. I guess a good wish kept in your pocket gives you something to strive for . :)

But , I also learned from that first computer that even though you are thrilled to death to have this new way to manage and enjoy your hard efforts - that all it takes is the blink of an eye and your pictures are gone forever.That is a heart breaker!

I did have one funny experience during that "newbie" stage that still ponders me and tells me IF I had more knowledge ??????
My oldest kids had purchased a new home and I had given them the land to put it on. The big day came and my daughter-in-law took Pictures. They were so exciting because they brought this monster home down the highway on the wrong side of the road and then cut across some neighbors land -who did not appreciate that. We all thought the movers had ok-ed it with them???
But these pictures were so cool as they showed the guys moving it in and installing everything. Very Cool and all of a sudden - Instant Home.

As fate would have it - I finally had a run in with my computer and it crashed . My son went ahead and reformatted it -to get more use out of it. BUT !!!!! all of my pictures were gone! I almost cried.
Then one day my sister-in-law shared a picture software with me and I was attempting to learn how to use it. It had something on there about finding my pictures and low and behold it found those pictures that had been gone , but not forgotten.  That was when I knew if I only had a bigger brain -there was a way to find things on the computer.

Well, my brain has not got bigger and I have not found the rest of the pictures , but it is still a challenge to learn new things. But even though I skin my knees a lot - I keep on trying and hoping that as I challenge my brain - I am giving it a good workout -and maybe I will be one of the lucky ones that gets to hang onto it. :)

Well, it has taken the major part of the day to do all of that picture moving experience. Now I have them on the computer and Also on two flash drives also. I learned that lesson when I had moved the pictures before and then one day when I went to add more pictures to those - that flash drive FELL APART -into my hands and I lost them! Sometimes it just seems that you just cannot do anything right. :(

One wonderful piece of advice that Lynne gave me when I first started sewing was that it would be a good idea to take pictures of your projects  - to kinda make a sewing album . I took that to heart and have learned so much from studying those endeavors. Plus, now that time moves on and I have that history -it amazes me.

I hope each of us has the gift to have our lives enriched as we endeavor to share our creative experiences as we walk along beside each other. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a Beautiful Sunday it is!

When I woke up this morning , I could not help but notice the dark sky from my window. I told myself that I should go ahead and get up and go outdoors to do my chores before it rained. I pulled on a pair of work clothes and started out the back door -only to realize that it was already raining outdoors. It was just a steady , quiet shower.

I had left my umbrella in the car that DH had taken -so I was out of luck. But, I picked up the apple peelings that I had for my guinea pigs and journeyed on. The rain was cold on my back and I remembered to enter through the back door of the building because of ALL the Mud that DS had resurrected from moving that stove yesterday.

But I was now on the inside of the building and I was just going to pretend that it was life as usual as I fed and played with each precious animal. I started with the guinea pigs who whistled to greet me. While I handed out the apple peelings they each whistled a thank you , as they grabbed and ran with each a piece. I refreshed their bedding and fresh water and their pellets and decided that was all I could do for them. I circled by the rabbits and gave them fresh water and pellets and some apples for them also.

I stopped to greet the gerbils as I headed to the birds. The gerbils are just so funny -I love to watch their antics. My daughter-in-law got them for me this past spring when she took her Aunt to buy a german shepherd puppy..

She also gave me some dwarf hamsters and I adore them too. They are so Small and so Soft. As I put the food and fresh water in their cage I cannot help but scoop them up and insult them royally .I start feeding and changing the water on the parakeets first . Most of the ones I have are all shades of blue and whites-with the exception of 3 yellow ones. Each one is so Beautiful in my eyes. The lovebirds are beside them in their run and there are green and yellow ones in there. The yellow ones are my favorite ones. In the floor of the run that they lovebirds are in are so button quail. They are so sweet -about 6 inches tall and all different colors.They are going on two years old and from what I read their lifespan is about 2 to 3 years. Tracy(daughter-in-law) actually hatched these for me after we bought the eggs and I loaned her my incubator. It was the first time she had ever had any experience , but she certainly had great luck.

The diamond doves are in the next run and they are so cute. They are shades of pale grey and white and when the males decide to court their ladies - they act like a minature turkey by spreading their little wings and squatting up and down-but the song they make reminds me of a little freight trail with a whooo - whooo!

And last , but not least is the cockatiels . They are getting up there in years  . I gathered up the food and water for the pigeons and dart outside to the run they have outside -right beside this first building. They are all white fantails and I always get a kick of visiting with them. Just a few steps across the yard is the first small chicken house-and I take them fresh water and food and check on the babies that two of the Moms hatched this summer. Everyone is fine there and I even got an egg. LOL

I knew I did not have to go up the hill to the second smaller chicken house because they do not like to get out in the rain , so I am going to leave them in their house today. I know they have more than enough feed and water.They have 3 small windows in their house that they can look out and watch the rain also. :)

That leaves the little doves house, which is across the Muddy road . I gather up the apple peelings and fresh water and VERY carefully wind my way across the road and said little prayers as I amble across. Since I fell 6 years ago and broke my ankle bones and three bones in my right leg - I am VERY CAREFUL! :)

The male guinea pigs have moved over here and they are all squealing at me -fussing that I am just too slow. :)Their run is a little too small for the number that are in there so I let them out into the middle area between a run on each side of it. That way they can get some exercise while I clean the cage. This is the first year that I ended up with many unplanned babies which all turned out to be males and males fight when they have females to claim with them. That is why they got separated. I think I have leaned my lesson . I cannot even give them away -so I plan to just let these live their little "piggie lives" out and not breed them anymore. I am just getting older and starting to realize that I cannot do it all . There are two sets of little chickens out here and they are little Silkies -one set black and one set white. The do not have feathers but it feels like silky black hair and I just love them. They are also getting up in age,like me. :)

I happen to notice while I am out there that DH's turkey is out in the rain-so I wrestle him out of the yard back into his little house with fresh water and grain. He was really hungry -so that made it easier to con him in out of the rain. His girlfriend, Danny came following him -fussing each step. She is a young lady -only hatched this Spring- But Tommy has some age on him and it is hard for him to move around.

Now I am drenched and head to the house to get a shower. It is a cold rain and as I pass by the thermometer it says 57 degrees. A shower will feel so good. I eat oatmeal for breakfast with apples chopped up in it and toast. The toast is something new I ran across-it is called white wheat instead of brown wheat?There is some difference to it -not soft and fluffy like plain white breads -so I hope it gives me a little more fiber. :)

Then I straightened up the rooms and headed to do some laundry and as I came out of the laundry room I step into the sewing room. I can hear it calling me -and with no DH to answer to  (LOL) I am able to sink down into my chair and debate what to tackle????? As I opened a drawer to drop a book in - I noticed I had hidden 3 pair of gloves in there for his winter gift. I only had two pair fully cut out and one piece cut and got interrupted that day, so I had just dumped them in there -so DH's prying eyes would not see them ! LOL
Now is the right time to cut a second glove to have a pair. I am working my way through my "scrap" pile of leftover knits. I love trying to use up as much of the fabric as I can - so there will be very little waste. :)

As I turned to check out the fabrics -I could not help but notice that my dear furbaby, Little Bear is my shadow to inspire me. I tell her a few  sweet nothings and she sends me love in return.Animals I can relate to - human beings - sometimes , not so much?

Today she is my inspiration-helping me accomplish my goals?

So, I pull out the fabric scraps and start cutting out some more of those fabric gloves that DH enjoys using to cut our firewood and handle the logs also, as he throws the fire wood into the stove.

Here is my pile I am working from. I have found a old cassette tape and started listening to it as I work. It is called Succulent Wild Woman and she talks all about honoring ourselves and that we need to touch base with ourselves before we can share with others including our significant others.That we need to spend time by ourselves to accomplish this. I have no problem being with myself  - almost to the point of enjoying that too much sometimes, and it scares me. Our lives are always constantly changing and those who think that they are really in Control of their lives have problems with that.

I had a phone call from a dear friend of almost 40 years this morning . So, you can understand how long we have known each other and been there for each other and often times sheltered each other through the years. A dear friend that I can honestly say has put her life on the line for me and then me for her.

Since I had not talked to her in months -she asked how I was and what was I into. She had never believed in therapists because they had really harmed her Mother  -instead of helping her. I told her how wonderful my counselor is and how grateful that I am to her and that we were working on my fears. I thought my friend was going to faint on the phone~ What! I have never Known you to be afraid of anything in our lives!~She said. I told her that the things in our past had been revived due to the post tramatic stress and I was working on them.

But the longer we talked -the person that she had remembered seemed like she had never existed to me . It leaves me pondering all about my life. I am not complaining -because I now have a wonderful life and am so greatful that I am so blessed. It just seems to me that our lifes are such a mystery .

Well, you can see I have made some progress and I am pleased .To make something that I know will be enjoyed means so much to me.

Well, the weather thingy on my computer is flashing a warning about a storm so I am going to hop out of here and go do the evening chores and then get out of the rain!
Love to all and hope you have had a perfect week-end! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What an interesting day?

Well, it seems that no matter what kind of plans you strive for - ????? - Something else comes a long.
After staying up too late last night - the phone started ringing off the hook at 6:30 this morning.  (That is what I get for staying up too late) I could hear my oldest son's voice, so I blindly stumbled toward the phone in the kitchen. Then it hit me that I was right by the phone in the sewing room - which is right beside my bedroom. So, I made a quick right hand turn - FORGETTING- that I had the ironing board up right in the center of the room - AND- I had left three totes of supplies right in the center of the room around the ironing board. I managed to reposition the ironing board - then fell upon the totes! My eyes are still asleep and my body was complaining what was I trying to do - Kill Myself! But, I finally did make it to the phone and just as I picked it up - it went dead! ??????

Of course , I tried to return his call - only to call some nice -puzzled lady ! I do not think she appreciated the morning wake up call!

But, I finally did catch up with Son and he had borrowed a piece of equipment from his boss and he was on the way to pick up our big outdoor water wood-stove and reposition it ! I told him that his Dad was out of town - so he called him and they talked about how Pops wanted it moved.

We hung up and I got dressed , just in case that Cory might show up?

Show up - he did and it was fun to watch him maneuver this little piece of equipment. When I had my goats and milked 30 goats  twice a day - I had almost prayed for one of these - so I could clean out the barn and not injure my back.

 This is where he is putting the forks of the machine under the stove getting ready to lift.

Have you ever seen a stove - take a hike??????????????????????????? Well, this one sure did. He took it where it was suppose to fit beside my critter building because DH plans to put a room over the stove and hook onto my building . He is hoping by putting it in a small room that It Might not burn So much wood. He just works himself to death trying to keep wood cut to feed that booger.

Sorry this one is fuzzy , but after much trial and error he brought it down to the house and set it in the road so he could figure out what to do. We measured it and it needed a little more space than DH had planned on. DS then attempts to remover a rock ledge where it is suppose to go because the rock was in the way. I bet he hammered with his bobcat for an hour at least.

Back and forth and round and round and some doing the "hokey-pokey" , finally accomplished his goal. One his last swipe he broke two of the teeth on that booger  and now he will have to fix that.  I really could not figure out how he could see to work with that cage all around him. I could hardly see him -much less him see all around ?? But he finally did complete his work and got it where we HOPE his Dad wanted it??? HOPE! HOPE!

It is calling for rain here and as bad as we need it - that is going to make one Monster Mudpie! Uck.

 After DS left I fixed me a pot of vegetable soup and that was my lunch and then I did some laundry. I have got to go get that off of the clothes line before I forget -OR- before the rain does show up. I would not be happy with myself if mud were to get splashed on it!

But, I did hop in the sewing room and got a second flannel blanket made for the baby. It was a neat experience because as I worked with the fabric as type of "calmness" settled over my spirit. It was a lovely experience to be able to work with something you love -AND- for somebody you love. This will make two crib blankets- maybe tomorrow I will get in some more trouble . I am just having so much fun - I can hardly contain myself. I hope Hubby and his Sister are having as much fun as I am having. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010


Today was quiet interesting. I got up early -about 6am and went to work on some things because DH had to go to town to get some supplies for his trip. He and his Sister, are leaving in the am to go visit with their kin folks that they have not seen in a long, long time.Their Uncle was their Mom's brother and he is the only surviving sibling in their family. I told them both that they needed to go because you never know when someone will up and leave this world.

Then we came back and packed his suitcase. It had been so long since either of us had traveled anywhere -I found it difficult to try to remember all that he would need for a week.Matter of fact it had been SO long that the last time Neither one of us had been on medicines and I had to make for sure that he took his. I could not go because I have to stay home and take care of my furbabies -Plus- I still get carsick on trips! UCK!

When it came time for him to leave to go stay overnight with his Sis - I started trying to figure out what I was going to do? For the first time I thought about just plopping down in my easy chair and not moving for several hours! :) But , I changed my mind and started attempting to clean the kitchen some. I am still afraid to climb up -don't want another broken anything! Me or the treasures.I did make a little progress and then it was time to go outdoors and do night time chores. I rattled around talking to all the critters-changing their water for fresh. I actually made a little progress out side too. I was feeling rather proud of myself and hoping I could carry on.

For some reason when I was in my twenties I could clean our mobile home in one day - that was usually Saturday -our day off. But, then when I moved into my 30's I could clean one room in one day- and I did not like that.

But today I started looking for my crochet hooks. Just because I have not used them in 10 years should not have been any problem. I know I put them somewhere Safe- but for the moment they are Safe from ME! I tore into one corner of my bedroom  and one corner was all I managed to accomplish. Talk about O, My aching back! And only one little corner was accomplished! But, still NO crochet hooks! GRRRRRR!

But I had a little better luck in the sewing room! :)

I cut two different pieces of soooo soft flannel and laid them right sides facing in toward each other. They are 35 X 42 - I am hoping that they will be used this winter in the crib to cover another precious baby. :)

YEA! I have accomplished something ! Yea!

To top that off - this cleaning - search for crochet hooks is lifting my spirits also. When you have a DH that Hates to see you cleaning - it is a challenge to get any cleaning accomplished. I think one thing that mine hates the worst is to hear the vacuum cleaner run!

One of the partners that my DD had was always cleaning. He did not like to work - but he would keep a house spotless! I wished that mine had Just a Tad of that kind of belief! Mine is one of those "Good Ole Boys" who knows that men are just not suppose to clean . He said that in the fine print on our marriage contract -that it was written in teeny tiny print that he was not suppose to Clean! It was His Job to make the messes and mine to corral them!  LOL

Well, I am going to drag my poor ole aching body to the bed. It has been a beautiful day and I am going to count my blessings instead of sheep. ( I already know how many sheep I have - LOL - 8 of them!)

Love to all - and let's see what we can all get into Tomorrow! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I think it is a true statement to say that computers have really changed our life. It is time for some more baby creations for another grandbaby that is coming quicker than I can believe!.My little daughter-in-law #2 is really starting to show and it amazes me . Of course it reminds me of when I was carrying her husband and hard to believe that I was young Once upon a time! LOL Sometimes I forget I have walked so many miles. :)

But of course when starting a new project , I need help. That used to have meant to head out to some of the bookstores to research for what I needed. But, now that means I can hunt in the privacy of my own home! I think that is SOOOOO awesome.

So, I started out checking the sizes of baby blankets and was amazed at all the different sizes for all the different purposes! Matter of fact- here is a piece of some of the things I found out - just in case you know someone who could use the information.

What Size Should You Make a Baby Blanket or Quilt?

By: Jay Brandley
When making a baby quilt or baby blanket, there is the dilemma of what size a proper baby quilt should be. While there is no legal rule set in stone when it comes to setting the size of a baby quilt or baby blanket, some thought should be put into the dimensions of the quilt before undertaking a project like this.

Baby Crib Mattress Size and Dimensions

When deciding on the size and dimension you would like the baby quilt you are making to be, you may want to consider such things as what the size of a standard baby crib as this is one of the ideal places where the baby quilt will be used.

The most common size and dimensions of a baby crib bed or mattress is 36x52. If you would like the quilt or blanket to fit the baby crib, you may want to take those dimensions into consideration when planning your quilting strategy.

How Old is the Baby?

Another factor worth consideration is the age of the baby. Healthy babies do grow at a steady and speedy rate, so making smaller baby quilts and baby blankets may not be what you would want to do. If the baby is a newborn, how long do you want the baby quilt to last?

Common and Popular Baby Quilt Sizes

Although size should be considered, do not worry about measurements too much. There are much more important aspects to fret about when making a unique baby quilt. But, in order to assist you a little, here is a list of some sizes that are commonly used:

- 32x40
- 36x36
- 36x45
- 36x48
- 40x52
- 36x60
- 45x60
- 60x60 

Those dimension listed above should be more than enough to give you an idea of what you size you would like to create. The 32x40 size should fit a baby crib mattress nice and snug while the 60x60 size will allow room for the baby to grow and when the child becomes a toddler and perhaps older, the 60x60 will still be more than ample for use.

What Matters the Most

However, no matter what size or dimension you choose for the makings of your baby quilt project, the baby quilt will be unique and memorable because it is a gift from you. No doubt, you have the best and purest intentions, and the pouring out of your heart and soul into the making of the baby quilt is really what should matter. Surely, anyone would be more than able to appreciate that.
Article Source:

I check to see what kind of supplies I have now . I think this will do nicely. I just have to figure out what I can turn these into??

Hubby and I took time for our supper. I fixed him venison covered in gravy in the pressure cooker -it has to be nice and tender for him to be able to eat it. I fixed cornbread covered in buttermilk for me. Of course I should not have had the second glass full - my poor stomach says I am trying to kill it - so it starts to complain! I should have listened!

Well, I have plowed on ahead and I am reminded that my eyesight does not like STRAIGHT lines ! I have always been crooked whether walking or riding a bike and now to sewing. Just does not seem fair- It seems to me that straight lines should be one of the easiest things to do.

But, like my friend, Helen- used to say: "Whoever Said Life Was Fair?"!

I am going to have to stop as it is 7:16 and getting dark ALREADY! So , I better run and put my critters outdoors to sleep! :)

Thanks for coming to visit! There is nothing like friends.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought I was being slick this morning?

I tried really hard to be. I came into the sewing room nice and early after I had fed both of us-pulled out the pillowcases that went with the sheets I had worked on , concentrated on getting everything nice and taunt and put the hoop on the machine and off we went. She decided that she would break -OR- cut the threads about every 20 seconds. We had an ongoing war with me on the losing side. I did get one completed and was exhausted from the battle . My bobbin thread was running too low , so I filled a fresh bobbin and I knew that was going to be a problem.

I put on the second pillowcase and started it! Yep, every few seconds it would cut the threads and I would have to re-thread and hope for the best. AS IF this was not bad enough -now it decided to pull the white bobbin thread on top of the green front thread. Yep, I was losing my composure!

The last time that it cut or broke the thread when I tugged to get it out of the machine -part of it was stuck on something inside of it. I got desperate and took a screwdriver and took out the one screw that held it on -and took the front off. I could see it , so with some begging and pleading I con it loose. Rethread it and this time I put a test piece of fabric on (as IF I would not have been better off doing that to start with???? Yea, I have that Good hindsight stuff -but not very good front side stuff) I had settled back with a flashlight and it would sew a few seconds and then the bottom thread was now taking over the whole project. That was how DH found me - with my head practically in the machine -begging with it . :)

He asked if I wanted to take it to Roanoke (where I had purchased it ) I told him that I knew he was suppose to be waiting for a man to come help him with his wood stove. But he told me to get ready and on the way he called the man and told him that we would be back in about two hours.

It is almost an hours drive down and an hours drive back home. The folks here are absolutely the best. They are kind and knowledgeable and SOOOO talented! I wish I could have time to just stroll about their stove because at each type of machine they carry they have all kinds of examples of what you could do.

We did get back in plenty of time and still no message from the man , so DH called and finally got ahold of him . He said he went to get in his vehicle this morning and as he bent over -his back went out. His wife was gone and he had to crawl back up to his apartment, so he had been in bed all day.So, I was very grateful that I took DH's advice.

We got home and DH went to play with his new tractor. He is in love with this machine, he has wanted one forever. It is called a compact tractor because it is small-just a tad bigger than his atv and it came with a mowing deck -so he is attempting to mow everything in sight. I am really glad to see those ole big tall stick weeds leaving. I don't know the proper name for them-they grow about 6 feet tall and have yellow flowers at the top.

When I was a little girl I would take the stick weeds and lay one across two I had stuck in the ground and I would have the jumps like the show horses would jump. I would come flying down off the hill and jump all of them and be the best horse in the show. LOL See, when you are an only child -you learn how to entertain yourself.:)

So, it was a dream come true for me to have the horses that passed away within the last year and half. That is one reason that I miss them so badly .I had always loved horses and that has not changed one little bit. When you have something that long (almost 30 years) -they become a part of you. I can still see my beloved Appaloosa flying across the field to the top of the hill -where she would rare up -blowing through her nose at the "Boogie Man" that was chasing her! I would always stop and behold her beauty. :)

Appaloosas always held magic to me. The Native Americans  raised and bred them and when I read the story of how the white men hated them so much that they herded all the appaloosas into the corral and shot all of them dead - so they were almost wiped out , I almost cried my eyes out. I wanted to go beat the tar out of them -no matter how many years it had been.

Opps , LOL - I went out and did the evening chores and guess what I found in the front door of my "critter house"????? Well, let me show you:

 This is Tommy Turkey-my older daughter-in-law got him and gave him to DH. He has not been feeling his oats for a while , but it looked like he is in grand shape tonight. I know the reason he is a happier bird:

Here is Miss Danny -roosting on top of my swing. I gave up and took the swing off because it was getting a little too loaded with droppings.And, believe me -turkeys have some big droppings - some almost as big as "cowpiles" . !!!! LOL

She is a real booger. She was out yesterday evening and I had let the chickens out of their coop for some grass. I was still feeding and watering and then headed toward the house , while playing with the dogs. All of a sudden I heard a baby chick screaming -so I headed back to see what was the matter. That dumb Danny would pike the babies up and throw them with them screaming with every breath they had. The Mamas were trying to protect them, but it was a hard job when you have a Jolly Green Giant looming over top of you!

I finally got one Mama to head back into the lot with her baby, but Danny was right on top of them -right into the coop. It was a mess - I finally got Danny out and Mama in and I herded Danny up the hill into the weeds, while I pulled a chair up to keep an eye on the other Mama -hoping she would come on and put them to bed. Just as Mama came in sight -here came Danny charging down the hill -just about to pluck one up when she ran straight into ME!

Needless to say Everybody finally got when they belong and all the babies were accounted for! I will not let them  the babies out again until they have grown up a lot! Dumb turkey!

Time to go do dishes!
Love to all!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nothing quiet like an Old Fool! :)

This is my older embroidery machine and it is a Bernina Deco650. It is a wonderful machine , except she needs to go to machine doctor also.  But, the reason I pulled her out is that I had started to work on a set of sheets for a Christmas present. I had looked all last year for a set of sheets , but they were all so EXPENSIVE I could not swing it.

But, I am tenacious when I sink my brain into something and I continued to look this year too. So, when we took the Brother Embroidery machine to North Carolina last time - we got lucky and saw a small flea market with all kinds of treasures to behold and it was there that I found my sheets.

When I pulled them out and was studying how I wanted to decorate  them up some. I was looking at the top of the sheet and decided that I wanted a hummingbird to go across the top edge , but it would have to be smaller -so it would fit on the band. I pulled out my hoop from the Brother PE 700II and it was just WAY to big to fight with. I happened to remember my Bernina  hiding under the cutting table in a little tote to protect it.  I could remember when I put it there I thought I had killed it for sure? But, no time like the present to refresh my brain?

First it gave me a fit because of the tension - so I worked on that for a while and finally got it to agree it might want to "play" with me for a while. :)I even put in a test piece and now it was running like a champ. But ? you know how that is  - ! I worked really hard to get the project on the hoop that is a 4 x 4.

But, as soon as I put the REAL PROJECT in the hoop - it would start and then break the threads about every 20 seconds!GRRR! It was a terrible challenge.

And, I did come to realize that a California King sheet is a LOT of fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

See, what I mean - A LOT of FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which meant a lot of disagreements!!!!!

But, when it came to my inspectors -they really did help to keep me from losing my mind and keep the project flowing :)

Then Miss Rosie reminded me that I am kinda sleepy - now with my battle ongoing?

But , this is a close-up of the humingbirds on the top band of the top sheet.

My next move was to fold that up and check for the pillowcases to work on next. I finally got them all separated and discovered that they have 4 pillowcases for this set! I  have never met a set with four pillowcases before???????

I sat and studied them for a few minutes and decided that I did not like the hummers that I had chosen to put on them. So, I went round and round trying to decide which way to go???  I like that one that I put on the top of the sheet, but it really needs to be done with my old machine which cuts the threads every 20 seconds and i don't know IF I am up to that battle??? Just trying to figure out how to tackle this battle and I realize how tired I am and I have out door chores to go do - before it gets dark on me. I will ponder this for a while and maybe with some rest I will find a resolution?????? :)

It was really pretty here today -in the 80's but the night temps are going down in the 50's , so I know my beloved Summer is quickly leaving me. :(

Love to one and all and may each of you have the sun shine on your path and love guide your way! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday closes the chapter on another week

     Yesterday was another day of running that lasted all day from 6AM until 10PM . I was SO tired when we finally reached home that I thought I would surely die from exhaustion. That old saying ,"There's no place like home!"-opps- that was from the movie , The Wizard of Oz!

When I finally thumped out of bed this morning - I was SOOOOO sore that I thought I would cry. So, I went in the sewing room -which is tore all to pieces. I had sat down in front of the computer when I heard a funny noise behind me. I turned around and happened to catch Miss Rosie. That bag was the Styrofoam balls that I had got from Lynne-and Miss Rosie had just located them on HER cutting table! She would walk all the way around them searching for an opening -then she would poke her little foot inside and attempt to tear into the bag for the treasures she wanted! LOL But, so far the bag has held -but it sure did give her something to keep her busy! LOL

We did end up having to go out and I remembered my camera this time. This lovely little country store is called The Bread Basket and it is run by Mennonites ( I hope I got that right)They are all such lovely ladies of all ages in their beautiful handmade clothing and little caps. This little store has a lot of everything from every spice you could think of to fresh made pies & cakes to handmade aprons . It is always busy and smells sooo good. 

Today I got to purchase a small piece of cream cheese pound cake and yes - It is luscious! Yummy! 

 When we came out and went to the car I spotted these lovely sunflowers blooming at the side . There was also a little tent canopy set up and a family from  India had fresh food set up . 

This is a picture of the front .

The next stop on our trip was a health food store.I always enjoy visiting here. I enjoy the beautiful building and the country setting. It is in the mountains of Floyd, VA. I was searching for bar shampoo-but I was not too lucky with that today . 

My next search was for a toothpaste that does not have sodium laural sulfate in it. That is a cheap soap that causes your toothpaste to fluff up or suds or what ever you would call it ??? I was having a miserable problem  for several years where I would get those old sores on your gums and once you had one start -you knew it was going to be a miserable week! UCK! I did a lot of research and discovered that information about the sodium laural sulfate was the cause of it for a lot of people. I went on strike from store -bought toothpastes and -yep! NO MORE SORES! So, when I cannot afford the herbal toothpaste I will use baking soda until I can. :)

I also learned when I got those hateful sores that IF I would hold an ice cube on the red dot that would soon become that sore - hold it on there for about 5 minutes -the sore would be gone the next day. YEA! I HATE those things!

This is a little space in their front yard that has that little canopy surrounded with some decorative grasses and it has seating that makes you just take time to sit for a moment and appreciate Mother Nature all around.What a perfectly beautiful day - I wish it could stay this way all Winter! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Living On A Dime

is a very cool site that I love to visit when I have time. Anything that helps me manage money -OR- the lack of money just thrills me to death. When it comes to real people's experiences - I feel like they come from the heart.
I was skimming over it today and happened to read this little tid-bit:

. Everything is difficult and awkward when you first try it. Everything has obstacles that need to be overcome in order to succeed (That’s the secret to success: overcoming obstacles) and if you don’t give up you will obtain more knowledge, skill and strength.
I wrote the definition of skills down so you could make note of a few keywords like practice. That means, "to train at something by repeated exercises or to form a correct habit by repetition." You need to do something over and over to get good at it.
I always say if you want to learn to bake a pie, make one every day for 14 days and at the end of that time you will know how to bake a pie. Why? Because you will have made every mistake there is in making one and hopefully will have learned not to do the same thing wrong the next time. You need to do this with anything.
If you keep practicing, you will become competent. Notice the order. You can’t become competent until you have practiced. You then gain an understanding of what you are doing and discernment so that you can effectively and readily (quickly) perform the job at hand

It hit me as so funny - BECAUSE- that is my theory also. When Lynne started giving me sewing lessons we would work on one project at class. Then I decided I would attempt the same thing at home and I learned that what I had taken in at class WAS VERY DIFFERENT -from what I was seeing at home with no Lynne to hold my hand. Plus, it was very scary and at times very disappointing because it did not seem like I could retain the knowledge that she had so kindly shared. Matter of fact - it really broke my heart! I wanted to be able to accomplish this goal and I also did not want to disappoint Lynne - you know - make her feel like she was "wasting her time". because I treasured every minute that she shared with me! And I still do!

My goal was that I would be able to eventually have an entire closet designed and manufactured by ME - for Me - By Me! I think that was somewhere around four years ago and I still have not accomplished my goal entirely -but I am getting there! :) Plus, it seems like the clothes that for some reason you do not enjoy -last a lot longer than the ones that you really treasure. I belive this because every piece that I dearly love -just seems to wear out faster. Another note here is that every article I have made myself - I do truly love and I do not shop at the Goodwill as much anymore.

Lynne started me out on simple projects - you know like a fleece pillow first and it was about the third lesson that she told me I would be sewing clothes next! My heart about burst with fear and anticipation! Me????? Be able to sew clothing?????? My heart wanted to believe it - but my common sense was telling me that might not be true? When I was in school I thought that all of my classmates were all created equal - if we just wanted it. But here -now-many footprints later- I know this is not true for me anymore. Part of it might have something to do with age , but the major part of it is the fibromyalgia fog. People speak of it so lightly - but when it kicks in it is a true disability. You feel like you are attempting to insert a square peg in a round hole . It makes you want to just give up. But I believe with me that my want to be able to learn this "square peg" is a little more determined than that "round hole" disability. Some days I win- some days it wins . Makes me think I have an "evil" twin somewhere !

I have one shirt that is about four years old and this Spring I was wearing it when I was taking the pitts out of some cherries. They were a pale yellow color -not red!- and the juices were very colorless and I did not think anything about the few that I had dribbled on my shirt.

BUT - after I had washed it - it was very badly stained. I have tried everything I could think of -but the stains are terrible. Makes it look like it is covered in rust stains! UCK!  I was looking at it this morning and thinking there are very few times I would even wear it now because it makes me sad that I was so dumb to allow it to be ruined. It is getting that wore out look to it also - so I told it this morning that I might have to turn it into a nice doggie pillow! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well, it is Hump-Day!

ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do days  have to go so fast???? I keep holding on to the dream that I will have a day to just enjoy instead of another day that I end up chasing and wondering  how to capture it???????? - Knowing good and well that is not possible.

For instance after we got up this am - I got us fed. Then as I was attempting to clean up our mess my mind is already on that "HOPE' road? But , that is dashed because DH is changing out doors on my outdoor building and his new "Hunting " building. I really did dread that because those big doors just whip the tar out of me! Then that leads to DH having a "husband fit" -which is like watching the Tasmanian Devil go on a rampage!

We did get one door in the hole, but had to come back and work on it some more -after I had my counseling sesson. Those sessions are totally amazing! I can go in with what feels like the weight of the world on my spirit and somehow all of that gets tossed at the door and I become a new and improved person.There is no way that I could ever pay my counselor enough money to compensate her for what she does? It takes me from not believing I can carry on - to feeling light enough to tackle another lesson in the game of life.

We did come back and hopefully finished the number one door! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow will tell the story of the door number 2!  Mean while I am still searching for the designs I hope to find for the set of sheets I have laid out to be the next Christmas project??? By the time you tackle the project and you do the Meals three times a day -plus dishes and the laundry and vacumn the floors to chase my my furbabies hair!
And that's not counting all the other "things " that jump right in -Uninvited - to my precious day! :)
This being human is really not easy. I find I tire much more easily these days too.

Our weather is so beautiful -except we could certainly use some rain. Even the Weeds are wilting!
Sending love to all and hoping you had a perfect day. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What day is this???? :)

Another one of those days that runs off and leaves you in the dust of your hopeful plans?????

I did start off the day by searching for designs that I could use on a set of sheets for my sister in law??? I had been looking for her a set of sheets for a year now and it was almost impossible to find a California King set! (or at least a set that did not cost you an arm and a leg?!  :)

I still say sometimes the hardest part of the project is finding the perfect design to link your project to whomever you are working on? So, having spent half of the day searching and now having any success is very tiring .  Then we got a phone call and had to go to town and that took a lot of the evening.

Then I worked on outdoor chores.I think that was very pleasant. The day was absolutely  amazing with the perfect temperature and all the colors that are coming into the trees! IF IT JUST DID NOT  MEAN THAT OLD MAN WINTER IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had planned to watch a tv program from 7 to 8 , But???(you know how those Butts are, don't you? LOL) The best laid plans often go astray!

DH had pulled out two totes that I had stashed some of the kitchen appliances in. The ones that you don't use very often , but that I did not want to have to wash them every month to keep them clean. The one he wanted held his meat slicer. DS had bought all of us some cheese and some baloney and DH was to slice it all up because he had this electric slicer. Well, DH did get three fourths of it cut - and then it broke a gear! Not a plastic gear - but a real live (or so it was) metal gear. I have been trying to run one down for him - but so far -No Luck! :(

But , since he had pulled these two totes out and piled everything on top of them - I decided that was the perfect time to clean that dark corner. When I got that all cleaned out - OF COURSE - the shelves up above it looked terrible. Where in the world does time go to??? But, my fifteen minute job - had turned into an hour and a half job and I just ran out of steam! I resent running out of steam because I used to fly through stuff and now what should take only minutes now takes hours!

I am whipped , but at least Half of my desired goal is accomplished. When I get my next "Burst of Good Ideas " I will tackle the top shelves. :) But , it is pretty sad that I cannot accomplish as much as I want to!

I hope everybody else has had another perfect day.
Love to all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A truly beautiful start to our new week!

I wish I felt as good as the day looks today! :) I am just so tired and bummed out. But I clung to me desire to accomplish a little some thing !

I had plum forgotten all about the gloves that I made for DH last year and he has already put in an order for this year and I had been on such a flurry of trying to accomplish projects that I had forgotten.  But , at least now they have come back to memory.

I need to go pull out all of my scrap knits and see if I have enough sizes of fabric that I could use to make these gloves.

Hope all of you are happy and healthy and enjoying the day!
Cheers to all! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A new week and a new chapter in our lives

Here is Mr. Cowboy who has come into the sewing room to "steal" Miss Rosie's  food. All summer he prefers to lounge around on the front porch and then through the day you can find him lounging in the trees! I kid you not - you never know where you will see him at. :)Even though I prefer that my kitties stay indoors all the time - it just has not panned out with him! Maybe it is because my girlfriend captured him and his brother wild and she kept his brother. He has since disappeared , but Cowboy is a stinker. He is one cat who will talk to you as long as you offer a conversation.

He is quiet a character too. He knows that our 4 chihuahuas do not like him and they spend all their time trying to have a wild game of chase, but he has found a new way to insult them. Each evening at approximately 8pm we sit down to watch a program on tv and the 4 chihuahuas climb up on my lap and we all snuggle together. Well, Cowboy has figured that when they get good and comfortable he will leap up on the recliner foot that raises for you to put your legs on. He VERY quietly lays himself all the way across. LOL -I even tried to cover them with a sheet so they could not see him. But you will see all of them start sticking their little noses up in the air and then they pass the word along that a CAT has insulted them in their own territory! And all of a sudden all of them come to life and stare at him. Then it depends on  who is the most insulted -if Cowboy -he will take off and if the pups they will high-tail it to the bedroom and fly up under the covers! LOL I love all of them dearly.

Time just gets away from me -if I could I would purchase a "MORE TIME CARD"-but unfortunately I have not found any yet. So, I am still attempting to just keep up.

Like yesterday I got to go with Lynne to Roanoke for a quilt hop and boy was it fun. We covered 6 or 8 places where there  were two more than I even knew existed ? I mean geee - anytime there is fabrics all around -happens to be a good time to me.

It is funny what you remember about places - one place I fell in love with the beautiful pine wood floor. It was  so gorgeous to me - all light colored and to me was the perfect back drop on which to show-case all those beautiful fabrics . I also Loved the big picture windows! Lynne noted that sunlight is not good for fabrics and I noted that was true! All the bolts of fabric in the store were 9.00 a yard.

I had ordered some more Styrofoam balls from Lynne -so I hope to get some more of those completed  !

They had been calling for rain, but God must have been looking out for us. It only started to sprinkle as we left the last shop! Some of the gals had refreshments -ummmm? One had cranberry nut cookies and they were doubly ummmm! O, one shop the gentleman had made cookies and had the recipe for you if you wanted it. To me that was very thoughtful! He did have a blueberry donut hole that I snatched the last two.I totally ADORE blueberry anything . :)

I was so mad at myself - I had taken my camera to take pictures for you all - and guess who even forgot she had the camera in her purse! :(

Today has also flown by and we had our youngest son and his lovely, pregnant wife stop by  - and that made it fly by even faster.

I did finally make it to the sewing room just at dark so I wanted to show you that I actually did still accomplish something after all! LOL

HO , HO, HO! Still working on that Christmas list! Now my tote is crammed full  , yet I am a long way from being finished! But I am so relieved to have that many all created, wrapped  and ready to go! :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend  and a more special one coming your way this week!
Love to all!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Would you agree that there is a Lot more to sewing -than just sewing???

For instance when everything gets out of place. I thought I knew what I wanted - UNTIL - I went to digging through and saw what a disaster this corner had turned into. So, I knew what had to be done and I started pulling everything out of the cabinet and from off the top of the cabinet.

Have you ever noticed when you start pulling things and deciding where everything should go to - that the amazing part of the adventure is :

It seems that you now have twice as much out -than you started out with and you wonder how in the world will I ever get all of this back into place??????? O, and let's not forget that when you make the mistake of running across some real "treasures" that you have to take a few moments to "play with your toys".  Well, it's just not any fun to keep treasures if you cannot "play" with them sometimes.

An example of my "toys" would be :
 1. I have a small case that holds some of my artwork that I have drawn and got so much enjoyment out of . Like my pictures that I had drawn  of some of my dairy goats many years ago. It would be a hard call to have to decide which I treasured more - the animals or the artwork. I had used some on pillows and sweatshirts that I painted them on.
2. A small case that holds maps of North Carolina and a small pamphlet of  all the flea markets scattered about there. We spent one summer just enjoying that gift. We met lots of wonderful people and ate at lots of fish houses.
3.I found 3 of the cd's I had forgotten what I had done with them. LOL

So, although I do not have any sewing project to share - I do now have a nice corner space. :) Plus, I had to feed us so I fixed a homemade pizza. We just did not have any popcorn to go with it!

I have got to get ready to go out and do out door chores . I have received a wonderful invitation from Lynne to go to a quilter's event tomorrow ! Now, doesn't that sound like fun -nice people and so many fabrics to drool over and each store will give a door prize of some kind. :)

Love to all and have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

See how easy it is for a day to get away from me????

Why does my life have to fly away so swiftly?????? I got up this am with the dream of sewing -only to discover that we would have to go to the mill to get critter foods and flour. It was such a beautiful drive though!

By the time we got that accomplished we had to swing by the Tractor Supply and pick up cedar shavings to clean cages with.

Next we arrived home and changed into our work clothes and I went to feeding critters since they had not had their breakfast yet? DH always gets so twitter-patted when it comes to unloading the feed that his good deed turns me into a "TWIT!" I think I got that one work right ! I am learning that one from Chris over at DietCokeRocks! It just sounds as spiffy as I believe she is! :)

Next came all the critter chores and I pulled grass for the guinea pigs- they are such little hogs!LOL
When I pull the grass is usually when I take my little walk in the pasture up a little knol . But I had only gone half -way when my right ankle that I had broken 6 years ago went into some kind of pain that I could not bear and did not know where it was causing it???? So, I hobbled back down the hill with my big basket full of grass. I fed all of the little buggers and you could tell they were very happy to have fresh grass because of their joyful Squeals!!!!!!!!

I came in the house and sank down into my chair and propped that dumb ankle up so it would ease the pain. Now that I think of it - I still have a little lightweight brace that I wore towards the end of my treatments. I think I might should drag that thing out tonight.

Our evenings are getting cooler and tonight should be in the 50's. Breaks my heart to see Summer leaving us too soon to suit me! :(

After I cleaned up the kitchen I managed to catch one of my sneaky Pups that hid from me yesterday at bath time! She is now insulted , but clean. LOL 

I really meant to accomplish something , but it is now after midnight and I need to "hit the sack"!
So, love to all and look forward to a new day coming! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a wonderfully beautiful day

DH had to take our son and his wife back to the surgeon that did his back surgery. It has been about 3 months now and his is still in so much pain -breaking my heart.  DH told me when they got back that they did fuse two different sets of two different bones together - not pinned .So I don't know how this is going to act. He told him to come back in 6 months and he will give him a shot in his spine -& I sure do not like the sound of that!

But on the bright side I did get a LOT of work accomplished! Here are two of my "furbabies" who did not enjoy their bath - but they really needed it. LOL

Here is Little Bear who also got her bath and I even got my hair washed too. The rest of the crew pulled a slick one and hid on me.I will let them think that they are pretty smart this time! LOL

Snowball thinks he is a top dog! But he is sooooooo sweet!

Miss Honey Bear loves to scratch her belly and stretch a lot.  But, I not only got the floors cleaned and all the dishes washed up and I ate a bowl of beans and did several washes-Then I finished up my Mochia shirt!

   I do love her so much. As I was writing this post I had a little help show up !

Miss Rosie climbed up on my lap while I attempted to type!

So, I guess I could say that with Miss Rosie's help I got it all accomplished and now it is time to run and do the evening chores!
By for now and love to everyone! :)