Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday -my body says it is too pooped to pop

This is one of my favorite quilt shops. They have lots of juicy fabrics and lots of examples to inspire you.

Of course I immediately fell in love with this kitty quilt. Even though I do not quilt - it really makes me want to quilt! :)

Just look at all these beautiful , vibrant , lucious colors. Just the colors are enough to make you think Spring ahs sprung. These are some very lucky ladies who either work or play or have classes here!

This is one of their classrooms. I wonder if they would consider "renting out a bedroom'????? :)

As you can see - lots of perfect examples to win over hearts! But 3 years ago I fell in LOVE with the kitty - If you could see it up close the kitty is looking down upon you and there are threads all raveled in a mess to make it look like kitty is using her claws where she is not suppose to. I am like a magnet - I just zoom back there to view this one each time. :)

I don't think I know which is prettier - the works of art or the beautiful bolts of fabric?

This is facing toward the front - it is just eye-candy everywhich way you look. YUMMY

I really loved this piece also -up close the beautiful colors sparked and made it look like stained glass.

Yea, I know you have already seem this one, but I was attempting to sneak up on it closer. It was a little difficult because of SOOOO many bodies. It was like bees to a beehive! :)

So much fun and soooo much talent - all under one roof. I forgot to mention they were having a contest for uses for yo-yos! It was so neat - they gave each person a button to drop into a jar for your vote. I loved all of them. I did end up getting a butterfly yo-yo after I saw what they looked like all made up. I always love to point yo-yos out to Lynne so she can give me "the look" that says too much work for too little to show for it. I guess I am a pain in her "backside"?  :)
Our weather here was HOT - 80degrees

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  1. Oh Lynda what a lot of gorgeous quilts.So pleased you had such a lovely day with your friend.