Friday, April 23, 2010

Tired Friday

I am just so tired that my mind does not want to concentrate . Wish I could just whip it into submission! You know - like - "GET WITH THE PROGRAM"!!!!!!!! Sometimes when I feel like this I can walk outdoors and appreciate Mother Nature. A friend gave me this liliac bush a few years back and I love the scent. It took it about 5 years to bloom for me and I had read that when you moved them that they had a tendency to pout. But, it was worth the wait for me.:)

Well, I might know that when I am dishearted that would mean trouble for me Immediately. My first project to cut out will be for my #2 daughter-in-law who is so beautiful with her sweet smile and jet black shiny hair.And of course this first project would be the one to start off this session with a new lesson. I had managed to get the back of a tee shirt cut out and ready to hop on the front side??????? Well, a new problem I had not encountered before ??? As I laid out the material one end looks nice and even - but the other end is NOT!  The little ridges that run through the fabric look perfect on the left hand side - but on the right hand side they look all stretched out and hangs way over the cutting table. My first impression is that I will never be able to make them come out even and OF Course I really want to give my daughter-in-law a whoppy-jawed shirt. GRRR! As my muddled mind attempts to figure this one out and I am running my hands over it I decide all is loss anyway so if I ruin it , so be it. I grabbed hold of the bad , bad piece of fabric and Stretch it like you would an accordian(boy that feels abusive). Then I shake it all out and start again - now that I have put "fear" into the fibers -it acts like it might want to co-operate with me?

I have  written on the pattern  that the neck is too large for Meagan so I regroup and cut the neckband just a tad shorter - hoping that will pull the neck a little smaller when it goes together?Well, at least there is one project cut out. That will take some of the stress off when I can get started sewing

Now to figure out who will be number two project?? Hum? Let's see? AAAAAAHHHhAAA! Since my goal is to eventually have ALL of my clothes created by me - for me-:) I think I will cut a one of the shirts for me and see how this orangey color will go with my orangey silver??? LOL OK, now my shirt is cut out and lined up just like kids at school.

Who will be next???? Let me think???I think I will work on one for one of my oldest surviving girl friends???(I mean that she survived the friendship and lives to tell about it?? ) LOL She is a short little thing and she has worked so hard all of her life-time. She normally always stays hot , so I hope she has not changed because I was hoping to make this shirt short sleeved. That way she can wear it for longer seasons of the year.The projects are piling up for me and since I have discovered that I really do not like cutting out projects - I will be better off when I have them all cut out! This is some more of the fabric from for 1.95 a yard and free shipping when you purchase 35.00 worth. That makes it cheaper than anywhere around my neck of the woods and I really appreciate it.

Aahhh! I have just enough fabric for another shirt ??? I believe this color will work good for my e-buddie in Tenn. who has been there when I needed a friend for the last few years. How I got so lucky - I will never know ,but I am so very grateful , as I am for each of you.

As I was laying one project down I accidentally looked out my peep-hole of a window and I knew that I had to go capture a picture of this beautiful Spring.

The yellow thorneless rose was what captured my attention. This is known to be a very old timey rose and a friend had to give me 4 starts before one decided to live for me.

This is the  first time my little cherry tree has ever bloomed - so I am having some high hopes. Yummy!

I could see the little yellow tulip peeking from the bottom of the cherry tree , so I wanted to give it attention all of its own. These were the lacey tulips and I absolutley adore them.

So we will count our blessings and enjoy the time with Mother Nature and her beauty.


  1. Sewing and gardens. what a perfect post. Thanks

  2. My you are a busy girl with your cutting out.

    Lovely photos especially the yellow tulip. I just LOVE tulips!!