Monday, April 26, 2010

A Tired Monday :)

This week is already off and running -but I don't feel like running -maybe being drug behind? This was my critter chores day and then we had to run to town to pick up the parts for his atv engine. He really misses his atv since it is torn down and waiting for its new parts. I was so tired when we arrived home that I did not think I could drag myself in.One way I can tell this  besides the exhaustion is - my cheeks will turn red and I know I have reached my limit. But I have managed to fix hubby's coffee for in the morning and then fixed him his favorite chocolate smoothie.

But , I did manage to get a picture of one of my bird houses for a couple of friends .

Both of these were made by our brother-in-law and I dearly love them both. I could never have too many birdhouses. One day last summer I was admiring them because a family of chickadees had moved in the bottom house and I was laughing at them as they tried to push twigs in the house.

Then all of a sudden a pair of blue-birds arrived and I was so tickled to see them come  - from where -ever they stay in the Winter.Normally they occupy the yellow house , but they were busy checking out the brown house and as one of them poked her nose in the door - the couple who had already claimed it poked their heads out the door and the bluebirds tumbled off backwards and regained her flight before she tumbled into the pond. I put them near the pond so they would have a source of water and it would help protect them from cats. But it was such a funny sight to behold .

It has been very cool here today and the wind has really whipped around - I got tickled at our outdoor wood stove and the smoke rising up to the sky - making me think  of a chu-chu train. We wanted one outdoors after having them in the house for all these years-we thought it would be nice to keep the mess outdoors - and help with the smell, but it is hard on my DH keeping wood cut to keep it burning. It really burns more wood than the stove in the house- but I have stayed warmer this past winter than I ever have. That was a nice tip. :)

I will bid one and all a good farewell as I hope to head to bed. : )


  1. I have been extra tired too. I hope that you get a good nites sleep.

  2. Lnyda I just LOVE your birdhouses. Wish I had a BIL who could make some for me too. How nice that birds actually use them

    Have a good nights rest.

  3. morning sweetie, love the birdhouses. We feed them in the winter but with farm land all around us, they fend for themselves inbetween.
    Yes, I think in the Spring, we all tend to be tired...of winter, being closed in and I was reading alot this winter and not sewing. some of it is coming back. I love the papercrafting...
    Just read your blog and sorry about the pooches....Please send me a private email, so I can have your address.....
    hugs, Char from Tobycatcreations...

  4. Your brother did a great job on those bird houses. They are beautiful! Hopefully as the week progresses you'll regain some of your energy. My prayers are with you.