Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday and a new week !

Today was a lovely day . Our weather is perfect and everything is coming to life. We had to go to the feed store and we had a strange experience. We had to go to the gas station because DH was running his truck on empty. We made it to the gas station and he put the nozzle into the truck's gas tank and No work?????? So, he walked over to the store and the doors were locked ??? No sign or anything? A couple pulled in beside us and DH told him nobody was there. So, we loaded up and went across the road to a Shell station and all the pumps were tyed up ? The couple were following us and now there was a third truck following us . It felt really strange, but we got lucky at the third gas station and finally all of us got gas. :)

My picture did not turn out as well as I wanted it to, but the sign says Fancy Gap Fabric Outlet and this is a reall neat place to go look at fabrics!  The buidings make me think of an old timey fort as there are two buildings that are long with cement floors. The fabric Used to be across the road and you could just wander through it as it ambled kinda down a down hill grade and they also have pottery and crafty items. Then they moved All of the fabrics across the road to this building and it has a big variety which they attempt to keep very reasonable prices on.

I managed to pick up some non-roll elastic for 29 cents a yard  and I ran across those pins that I will be using next month , for 59cents for a thousand. The little girl made sure I understood that they were there for that price because some of them were tarnished. She did not want me to be disappointed and I thought that was very sweet of her.

One of their rooms is filled with cottons for quilters and there is upholstery fabrics of every kind. There is crafty stuff and bins of buttons and books that are reasonable???? I really do love to visit this shop - not only for the "treasures" -but also because of the people -they are so special and kind and helpful! One of the ladies is a preachers wife and we love her to death. She will take DH aside to a seat to rest his back and she will keep him busy to let me shop to my hearts content!   I wish I was rich because I would leave her Big Tips~  I usually feel guilty -but I love it so much that I just Enjoy it!  Maybe it is that "sisterhood" thing?? :)

This is a picture of the front entrance to the fabrics and lace.Maybe it makes me think of a wild west town because of the logs .They even have logs that have been cut out in the center and then glazed for a flower pot for outdoors.

They have built a little general store this year which is really quaint and filled with goodies and they built this wooden water-wheel! It was a real treat to see it run . DH was very interested in this because he has been talking about building one on our creek. We just don't have the knowledge to pull this off -YET- but that has never stopped us from learning  before.  :) You never know until you try. :)


  1. Ahhh shopping, what fun! And that store does look very rustic. A water wheel would be lovely...if ya had a stream in your backyard! SADLY I don't. *sniff*

  2. I would love to have some money to be able to just fabric/book/notions shop! I use to work at a quilt shop and I would live vicariously though the shoppers that seemed to have endless credit card balances. Some of the ladies would say they had been saving all year to come on this fabric shopping trip. Lots of times it was nothing for them to drop $500 plus on just fabric, and we also sold all the latest books and patterns. I have to just trust the LORD that I have all the sewing stuff I need or else I'd keep adding to my stash.

    That is weird about the gas stations being closed without notice unless it is because it was a Sunday? There are actually some businesses that respect Sundays as days of worship and let their employees take a day off. I remember when DH and I were first married we were in AK on a trip and on a Sunday in a hotel my hair dryer died. We called the hotel office and asked where the closest store was that we could buy a new one, and the girl that answered was appalled that we had asked where we could shop on a Sunday. She stated that they had "Blue Laws" and I'd be out of luck until Monday!!! I'd never heard of Blue Law and felt like I'd gone back in time. Yet, I really liked the idea. I'm sure AK has over turned those lawas by now! So sad really.

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day fondling fabric. I love to roam in my local quilt shops and one of them has a little seating area just for husbands. LOL