Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Sad Tuesday

It was a terribly sad Tues. becasue my Little PeeWee finally crossed over to the other side. After having her for 20 years -now it feels like a piece of me is gone too. She was my constant companion and the best baby-sitter in town and I adored her.

DH had some things he had to do , but he would not let me stay home alone. As we were pulling out of the driveway I spotted our sheep . There for a while I was spinning their fleece and I wanted a black sheep so badly because I was using the roving to spin into yarn that I was using to make a rug. It was really neat and I was using the log cabin quilting design. I needed another color and I wanted black. I got lucky and found a beautiful black sheep that I loved so much - she was perfect. It was almost time to shear her and dogs came from a cove across the lake and killed her. I was so broken hearted.

Time passed and then one day there appeared a black lamb in our little flock. Talk about joy!She is the larger one in the back.

The one you see in the front is a new baby that came just this week.

On our way heading out this very old bridge has been transformed into a trail  for bikes and horses and hiking.

Can you tell I am afraid of heights? That board on the bridge runs all the way across and it is suppose to help protect everybody and I am too scared to even get close to it.But this is the New River , coming from N.C. . It is the only river that runs backwards in the U.S.A.

As you can see, DH is much braver than I am so I handed the camera off to him. People live up and down on the left hand side, but this river can get mad and jump out of its banks , so people have started putting some beautiful homes on stilts??? I would be scared to death .

I know it can get very angry because one time a friend and I were going to a fabric store in that direction so we decided to take the scenic route(and not the interstate) The drive was lovely until we came to this part of the ride. It lasts approximately 2 miles and as we arrived at this point the river was rising. It came on up till it was in the road. Somebody had got smart because above the road is a small trail for hikers and they had cut a path that you could jump up on this trail when the river gets mad.  It was scarey to look down just a few feet and see nothing but water. Believe me - that was one day trip that I have never forgotten.

And this is me heading back to the safety of solid ground. LOL There was a very stiff wind blowing  because the rain was coming in for a visit. It was good to get out in nature, but it was sad to come home. Yes, I know there are others at the house and I love them dearly , but my heart will still miss the little black pup that shared  a third of my life with me.


  1. My heart breaks for you and for losing Little PeeWee!!! I am so sorry! These are our precious 'babies'~~~ I lost mine Feb 15, 10 and I still miss him. My little Tillie isn't feeling well right now either, and she is 9 years old. So, please know that I feel for your loss!!!

  2. Rest in peace little PeeWee. I'm so sorry your little friend has left you but I'm sure she will be watching over you from doggie heaven.
    Thanks for the photos of the river and bridge And of you. After all this time of "talking"! Now I know what you look like. That's just great.

  3. how amazing that PeeWee had 20 fantastic years with you... that is an awesome long life!
    Sorry you are going to miss him though.
    Love the photo of you too... nice to put a face to the name finally!

  4. So sorry to hear of Pee Wee's passing. You will have many happy and funny memories of the 20years he spent with you. You will treasure those memories Lynda.

    Thank you for the photo, nice to met you at last. Oh and you have one of your sweet shirts on as well.