Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's See What Saturday Produces?

O Boy, another day playing in my sewing room Just knowing that I have a few projects cut out makes it seem so much easier. OK, first on the top of the pile is the XXXL  and I have to figure out which embroidery design to use to make it more special. Also , one of the lessons I have learned is that this piece of double knit does not have the massive stretch that some of the knits do. I keep trying to stitch these important lessons in my head.:)

The design comes from EmbroideryDK I believe - IF - I filed it right. This is the first time I have used it. Just keeping it for the perfect project at the perfect time and I think I have arrived.

Well, feed husband and back to work? Right off the bat I have a misstep. I put my bobbin in to run another batch . I don't know what happened but when I start to put it in the machine I notice all kind of nests of thread?? Well, what made it do that?

So, I put it back on a rod and hand pull to see how far this mess goes? Hum? Down to half of the bobbin and still a mess - just not poking out all over the place. I think I will test it and see how it acts?

Jeepers , did I get lucky! At least with the bobbin -but when I went to put my design in the embroidery machine I had not paid attention to the size and it is TOO big. Shoot! Now I will have to resize it and sometimes that gives me a fit.

Well, it went better than I thought -only took about 15 minutes -but it is amazing how time flys by when you are working on these designs. Most of my average designs will take approximately an hour to do so you can see where time goes to. But , to me the design is like the icing on the cake.

My second design has to do with cows and friends. The friend I am making it for has ALWAYS wanted a farm and she thought that would make her hubby happy because he had always worked on dairy farms when they were younger-but after they finally got a little home and some land ???? Let's just say that was NOT in his plans at all.He was one of those people who was always looking over at the other side of the fence -thinking that everybody else had something better.

I am really happy with my little Brother PE-700II tonight . It is plugging along like it is suppose to do.  Humm- I better go knock on wood! :)

I just had an interesting thought - My sewing has been so much more enjoyable this Winter up till now and I owe it all to you all. I believe that any hobby or passion is more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with. So, thank you so very much.

Another thing I am noticing about working on my Christmas gifts early is that you have more time to enjoy the process. It is a wonderful feeling to actually LOSE yourself in what is going on.You know-like when you was a kid again and you had that wonderful imagination that could take you anywhere!  I think that is when you are in "full creative mode".(until I discover that I made a bo-bo and that sure does let the air out of my sails Really Quick. :)

Sheez - I am getting tired.These two designs have wore me out for some reason . I believe I will stop after this one finishes and start on evening chores . Then I can sit down and have a couple of oranges for my Treat!

Well - you would know -just as I was getting down the finish line  - my bobbin thread runs out! :) This is going to cause me trouble. So I have come down to the lettering and the bobbin thread is showing on the front. First, I stop and take out the bobbin and pull some thread off the bobbin - then put it all back together and test - more white bobbin threads showing. Next I take the top thread off and rethread it - still more white bobbin thread showing - but it really doesn't look bad  because of the black and white spotted cows? Hum??? This might be an accidentally boo-boo -gone good. I will check it out in the ending to see if I like it - if not , I can take a black permanent marker and color it in? I believe I know what caused it - I think I made the bobbin thread too tight . Leave it to me! O Shoot - Now the top thread has broken . :) Such is the life of the embroidery novice.

It is absolutely pouring down rain here - I hope that will make for some good sleeping.
Nite to one and all


  1. You could try my sneaky trick! Colour in the white thread with a black laundry marker.
    It works a treat. Heehee

  2. OMG what a pile of sewing you have cut out. GO GIRL!!

    The Sun is shining brightly here and it a beautiful day. Glad it did not rain for the ANZAC DAY parades.

  3. I love your embroidery and always enjoy seeing what you are making!

  4. That is a lot of sewing to do! I envy you the embroidery machine... it certainly adds that extra 'something' to everything you do.