Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Best of Plans Often Go Astray?

I was so excited this morning when I got up late because I had trouble going to sleep last night.(I hate when that happens ? I will close my eyes and tell my body to go to sleep-but my eyeballs will fly open and laugh at me! They can be so rude at times! LOL)

But my excitement wore off mighty fast when I discovered my DH wanted me to ride with him to see some more junk. He said the company would be nice. (If only he knew of the visions of sewing machines that ran through my head! :) Gosh, it was slow - we had to sit in a line of other vehicles for an hour and a half! So I could understand how he would want company. ? And it rained all day , so we just made a day of it. We needed dog food anyhow . And we did make it to the park to walk  - this was the first day we have made it up to a mile! Yea! Amazing how much you lose in th winter-time and have to start all over again. Last summer we actually got up to 3 miles and lost weight and felt so much better! Here comes winter and my body thought it was cold , so it packed weight back on - just to help keep me warm! That's my story and I am sticking to it! :)

Well, it was my intention to add some pictures, but everytime I click on insert image it takes me to pictures from the blog already????? I think there is a little imp hidding in the case of my computer who toys with my "hard-wires"!. I am too tired to fight with him at the moment-so I will let him win this round.We are still having lots of rain and it sounds good on the roof. I was enjoying all the beautiful colors today . IF only the colors did not have to go away and turn green? I guess I must love colors too much ?

I bid you all fare-well and hope you have a perfect day or night - which ever it might be?????


  1. I love your bird houses from the previous post. And that outdoor wood burner I've heard about. It looks big enough to keep a whole village warm. Hopefully the weather will be so good soon you won't need so much firewood.

  2. Sorry to hear you did not have a nice day. Hope you have a good sleep tonight.

  3. I hate when I have those nights when my brain won't shut-off. When it is real bad, I take Melatonin. It is naturally found in the body and the added dosage is just enough to shut my brain off without making me drowsy in the morning. Hope you slept better last night.