Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday just flew away :)

I would like to thank all of my blogging family for all of the kindness bestowed on me. It really does mean so much and helps to ease the pain -because you have someone to share it with. Thank you, thank you ALL.

I was almost scared to get out of bed this am - but a new day is a new adventure - and I really do try to raise to the challenge and accept all of my blessings along the way.

Hubby's sister and her husband came from W.Va. and took us out to eat  They have a favorite place to go and the food is always delicious. I had to laugh because for YEARS -we would pass by this place and the parking lot is Always full and we would never stop and go in and check it out . I was so sure that for that many people to be there -then the prices for their meals would be beyond our finances! LOL - Now we know the truth as it is one of the most nicely priced and the food is to die for. All of the  others load their plates with meats of all kinds and I head to the salad bar and then my desert is a plate-full of strawberries! YUMMY!

Doug said he had learned that strawberries and oranges are two of my most favorites and that he knows I will never eat my fill of them! :) Then blueberries and raspberries - yummy! I used to just think that they were treats , but now I have read how good they are for you - can you imagine a medicine that is good for you!

This will be the first year that my plants have survived AND I have outsmarted the deer! They cannot get in my covered wagon design cage we built over the two raised beds! I see them after dark with their little eyeballs shining in the dark and pouting because they cannot get to the fruit!

UTT -O! I just have to share this - as I was typing I hear a crunching noise-crunch-crunck-crunch! I slowly turned my head and our next oldest pooch is a male sheltie named Mac and he reached into a plastic feedsack that we had carried potatoes in -from the basement - AND - he pulled him out a raw potato and he is crunch-crunch - crunching . Well- he actually  ate the first one and now he is going on his second one! Have you ever seen a dog eat raw potatoes????????????????  Last summer I caught him stealing raw tomatoes - you should have seen him crunch and tomatoe juice fly everywhere?????????  I guess my beloved pets are a little bit "quirkey " - like me!  :)

Since it was almost dark when we got home and I ran outdoors to do some chores and I could not help but notice that my beautiful colombine plant is blooming!  I snapped these pictures to attempt to show their beauty, as I did not know if it would show up after dark. Pretty neat ! I had never even heard of the colombine plant until 2003 when I met my first one working with Ruth and she had a yard full of them. After I discovered that they come back each year and they usually bloom all summer - they had won my heart! I also adore the pretty colors . Since I was unable to post sewing - I had to post beauty! :) There is an old saying that " A thing of beauty is a  joy forever"! -and that is the way I feel.

Finally, I am determined to get to sew tomorrow and see what kind of trouble I can get into! LOL - That is the easy part for me. I am a very experienced seam ripper for sure.! We all have talents - unique to each of us . I believe that our blog family is a gift from our Father and that is why it is so special. I have always told everybody that when my Father picks my friends - I have REAL friends for sure! 

I will bid everyone a good-night - or a good-morning ! Hope to be here again tomorrow with some "sewing adventures!"
Nite-nite! :)


  1. Yep, it sounds like a decent day...even your potato eating dog! LOL

    Do you have a sewing project you want to work on, or are you just going to see what you come up with? I'm going to start a Dresden Plate quilt tomorrow. It'll be by hand I think. I've made a number of them before. My favorite is to do the quilt as you go type.

  2. Our Teddy hasn't tried to eat raw potatoes... YET.. but he does raid the vege garden and eat my tomatoes the little shit! LOL
    I'm glad you finally got to eat at that place and found it to be so lovely! You will have to go again now....
    Tis Friday night here... almost ready for an early bedtime for once.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I was pleased to read you had a lovely day Lynda.

    Your dog sure is funny eating potatoes and tomatoes.

    Love your pretty colombine plants too. Great photo.

  4. Sounds as though you had a pleasant day. Funny tale of your dog eating raw potatoes. Do you think he knows dogs aren't supposed to like raw potatoes?

    Hope you get in some sewing time tomorrow. I know it can be very therapeutic.