Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Road Trip

Another beautiful day and we went back to N.C. to get a refund for the defective boombox that we had purchased yesterday. I really Hated to be gone, but I told hubby that we could make it another perfect day and enjoy it .

We got lucky at the Goodwill and the lady was nice. Gave us a refund without any fuss? We did stroll back and see if any new boomboxes had come in and there were two new ones! This time we got smart and found a plug in and I found some cd's and a cassette tape to check them out with-good thing we did - we had two more duds! I just do not understand people donating broken items to the Goodwill to sell? Why don't they just put them in the trash -where they belong????

Coming back home - you have to go up a winding mountain . There is a building about 3/4 of the way up that really captures my imagination. This is another case of a structure that I know nothing about - it is just amazing to me.

Doesn't this amazing place just capture your imagination?? I don't know why - but I just love it. It is starting to really go downhill - I told DH you would have to be a rich person to be able to restore this mind-boggeling structure.It just makes me feel like I have stepped into another country. But this is just the start ?

This is a little better picture of the front door and the chimney .At the bottom is where there used to be flower beds??????????? OOOOOOOOOOO -be still my beating heart!

These extra rooms are to the left of the main house and what looks like a brown raised surface is really water rolling down off of the mountain and coming across the driveway into a really amazing hole that supports a big water wheel. DH said that the pipe in the back was stopped up and that was why it was running across the driveway instead of under the ground through a pipe system.  Aren't they just so quaint?

This is a little better -more close up. Notice the steep stairs going up to the second floor and it has no railing of any kind?? I only noticed when we got home and I downloaded the pictures that that one room on the bottom right has its door cracked! O, I wish I could have poked my nose in there to see if there were any
clues to the mystery of this abandoned place. Better that I did not because somebody pulled in and backed their truck right up to the back - kind of spooky. They did not say anything to us and they gave me kind of a iry feeling?

This is the waterwheel that stands in front of the "Inn" - it is truly awesome! I was snapping pictures and if you could look DOWN under this wheel - it is approximately a 50foot drop (very scarey-because I am scared of heights) and under there is several Big pipes with water gushing down from the mountain and running together to make a very pretty and massive gush of water .

This is one of the streams that is rushing down the mountain and falling into one of the pipes that shoot the water under the water wheel.

This is on the upper side of the wheel looking down the driveway. I wish you could see Under the wheel - it really scared me . I know it is my fear of heights - but it just amazes me how there can be such a massive drop !

This is a better view of the stream coming across the driveway and IF you look up and see the little piece of another structure? It is actually a much bigger house than these put together? This place just grabs my immagination . It had to take somebody with a LOT of money and a Lot of dreams to pull this off. I would love to know what happed and why? I hate to see something that somebody worked so hard on - to just fall on hard times and not be appreciated?

O Well - one of the joys of a day trip? :)


  1. What a fascinating building. Was it some sort of mill maybe?
    Wouldn't you love to turn it into a crafter's retreat where people could come to create for a weekend or a month.

  2. are so right about it grabbing your attention. Thanks for sharing such great pictures. It appears to have been several businesses in one set of buildings. It looks like a hotel or wayside in the past, and also with the water wheel, could have been for grinding flour. We have several of those in our area. It also looks like it was the local pub. You are right about it looking like it came from Europe. I LOVE IT! As a writer I could work up a story around these buildings.

  3. Oh, and glad the boom box was refunded! That was really a shame, EXCEPT we got these pictures out of that trip back!!!! Worth it then! LOL

  4. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that building too... it would be an amazing home if someone could restore it. AND the stream is just adorable... I dream of having a stream running through my back yard!

  5. Me and my friend went there one night exploring and went over the mountain across the road where the tunnel is an the water comes out from the wheel we walked all the way up the tunnel an looked up at the wheel kinda scary then went up to the motel kinda behind it and up the stone steps an most doors are open an old beds and stuff idk? My old boss an old man said that there was like 20 some people there got killed an dropped down that hole idk but scary

  6. The only information I can find on this location is it was owned by Wilbur Weaver. The mystery behind this building has me completely intrigued.

    1. It is intriguing isn't it? It certainly is a beautiful place. It makes me very sad to see it go down hill. Thank you for the update.