Monday, January 18, 2010


     VA. Tech is one of our local colleges and it seems to have a wonderful football team.When I was able to drive to Ruth's house to clean for her - I learned the hard way - NEVER GET CAUGHT in her town when the college has a ballgame!It is absolutely horrible to get stuck in traffic for what is normally a few minutes to drive through and IF you get stuck in traffic you are lucky to make it in an hour!
     Harley is Ruth's deaf brother and he loves to root for the home team. I bought this piece of fabric and made him a tv remote holder that drapes across the arm of his chair. I had this small piece left over so I am working on these two book markers for either one or both of them.
     Today our weather was so nice. It was kinda odd to look out and see the sun and it was 60 degrees so it was comfortable - yet all around us was piles of snow????? And this afternoon we looked out and as far as you could see was a pale mist making it look like the landscape was outlined in white.
    One of my greatest experiences happened just a minute ago. I looked out the door and all of a sudden I saw the most beautiful "Shooting Star"! I have never seen one before and I am still awe struck!

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