Monday, January 25, 2010

The End?

     Today has been one of those "run-run" days that I hate. I love to just stay home and "play with my toys"! But we went to town and as we passed two dams that are on the way - it was a scary sight. Both dams were wide open and massive amounts of water were thundering through. I forgot to take my camera with me -that would have been an awesome sight. And we have a stiff cold wind that blows right through you. I was so glad to get home.
     As soon as I could I slipped away to the sewing room. I have several different projects going on. I am still working on the shirt for my sister-in-law's birthday  and i decided to make a couple more bookmarkers  as I could sneak them in -between the other things going on. I had already precut the fabric for this one and I remembered a couple of years back -one day my daughter-in-law had seen this design and she had a fit about it - but she could not figure out what to do with it and when I cut this fabric it came clear in my mind that it would work perfectly for a bookmarker!

     Our weather people are a little confused . Earlier they spoke of clear and no rain until this weekend. DH went out to put wood in our outdoor wood stove and the snow was pelting down. I checked and now they have heavy snowshowers ????? Sheezzzzzzzzzzz!


  1. I love "The End" so cute
    I hope it isn't still raining over there

  2. Hee hehe. I like that one, it's funny!