Sunday, January 17, 2010

Disney Bookmarker

     My dear daughter-in-law loves anything Disney  as does Mickie from  Irish Muses . I really enjoyed the stories that Mickie  was posting on Sundays about her experiences with Disney. I loved the stories about Mr. Walt Disney and how he had a dream ! He must have been a remarkable man .Sometimes we just need to support the "child within" all of us.
      This piece of fabric was one that I had my daughter-in-law pick one day at Wal-mart (before they did away with their fabric and broke so many hearts) . I asked her to pick out a piece of fabric that just made her feel good inside when she looked at it. I only got half a yard and for Christmas I made her a checkbook cover and I kept pondering what could come to life from the little piece left over?????? That was how the book markers was born?Sometimes the smallest items can mean so much.

     Have you ever worked in your sleep? Well, while I was in "dream land" I realized that I was working on book markers , trying to make each day a little success - and that next month I have two birthdays coming up in my brood. (ooops - really 5 birthdays- hum??? ) So after chores I plopped down in my sewing room and pulled one of  my( "Fabric trashcans) and started going through it. I keep the fabric in the trash cans because for size - the trash can holds more than any tote for the same price and because I had to have somewhere to store the fabric that would keep it all safe from the kittie cat hairs that like to take over ANY new piece of fabric.
     Miss Rosie rules the sewing room and every day I have to clean my cutting table to get a start. But he has one quality that I think is funny. She has to inspect ANY new piece of fabric that is left out. I made that mistake ONE time and when I went back that piece of fabric looked like it had snowed a blizzard on it! That was enough to teach me to protect the fabric and yet love my kitties at the same time. So now , just to test my theory when I am working on a project and have a little square of left-overs - I will fold it neatly and even if it is about the size of a pot holder and I will place it in different places like on the VERY edge of the cutting table and when I go back Rosie is asleep on top of that piece of fabric and yes - it is very cream colored now. I have never seen a kittie that when you pet her it looks like it is snowing a blizzard. I often wonder how she still has hair left on her body. ~smile~  She is a funny lady.
     We sure are having LOTS of rain her in the USA . We are under a flood watch tonight and tomorrow. The land is so saturated from all the snow that is melting that you just sink into the earth when you try to walk.They are calling for heavy rain during the night and if it comes that is what the flood could come from. I am hoping it does not come - so no body will get hurt. One time it did that and the pipe that runs under the road got stopped up and it came over the hard top and hit our property and took out our driveway. The main road was still there, but we were standing 4 feet below the road. If it wasn't for our wonderful sons who work with heavy equipment - they borrowed the machinery from their boss and made us a road again. I sure hope that was a once in a life time event. ~smile~


  1. Miss Rosie is such a pretty cat. I love her colouring. Hmmm I wonder if Otto would ike to be her cyber-cat friend?

  2. Miss Rosie seems to be enjoying her cat nap. LOL

    You asked how we 'quilters' pull it off... Well, with lots of practice and tons of tears along the way. I've been quilting for over 12 years and I, like others, have certainly had my share of failures.